Why Rallies?

Holding so many rallies has been mostly about the fall away from God. After the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan raised so many barriers in order to make the world completely his own. No one has been able to surmount these walls that he erected: Satan’s cosmic walls; global walls; national walls; racial walls; […]

Attending My Mom’s 92nd Birthday Celebration

So much planning has gone into this special day of my mom’s (Elnora Stanton’s) 92nd birthday. Some years ago, I heard my mom say that she would like to have all of her children receive a copy of the song that she had written after her near death experience. I made a mental note of that, […]

An Essay: Marrying For God!

Over 6000 years ago, God created Adam and Eve. Male and female He created them in his image and likeness for His and their eternal joy and happiness. The first blessing that God gave them, as they were growing up in the garden as brother and sister, was ‘Be Fruitful’. To become Fruitful means to […]