A True Love Story Of Lee and Ken

It started on a tour bus going to the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater. It was a show of live horses performing, and dinner following the show. I didn’t want to go. My friends kept talking me into it. I said that I didn’t want to see some horses jumping around. Finally I gave into it, […]

How did the left end up on the right? Part Four

How did the LEFT end up on the RIGHT? Final Chapter Our one Family under God: If you have been following these articles from part one through part three, you would have  read that Satan stole the Elder Son’s Position from the first Adam, and How God has worked very hard throughout the Bible to […]

The Bridegroom is lingering and waiting

True Parents’ Children: Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King: 407-846-8256- CALL US!! This True Love; God’s seed- ONLY comes to the world through True Parents, who brings the blessing of Salvation to a dying world. We are now living in the 4 years of hope before the year 2020. The Bridegroom is lingering and waiting, […]

Sexual Purity, It is Worth the WAIT- Part one

The age of 18 to 25 is an age when the flowers of love blossoms the most. This is a once in a life time period. How precious is this period? It is a time when beauty is manifested to the greatest degree, a time of conversion when we can be in touch with everything, […]