The Greatest Love

True Parents have given us everything. This beautiful gift that they give to Blessed Couples is Tribal Messiahship. This gift puts us on the front line. As Dr. Kim said, this is the best place to meet God, so directly and clearly. True Father said that if we haven’t met God in tears, then we […]

430- Excerpts from Our Personal journey (Part 2)

When we were given the gift of Tribal Messiahship; we were given the blessing of our lives. With blessing comes responsibility. That responsibility is called: Restoration through indemnity. This is a ticket to the very bottom of hell; a place where you forget yourself; a place where you live for the sake of others; a […]

The King’s Tribal Messiahship plants its seeds in Cap- Haitian (6/10/12)

Over the years, my husband and I have been working as Tribal Messiahs in our hometowns. We have taken ownership of being the seed sower, as we invested very generously with everything. A firm foundation has been set that we can continue to build on. If we relied only on our physical eyes, the painted […]