God’s Kingdom In 2020

Brothers and Sisters, The Bible tells us that the day of the Lord cometh like a thief in the night. First Thessalonians   5:2.  This  is the good and terrible days. However, First Thessalonians 5:4 tells us who are spiritually connected, that we are not in darkness that that day should over take us like a […]

Telling Plainly of The Father

It has always been God’s will for all of His children to know the  “The Plain Truth”.Due to the fall, we have been given God’s words in Parables( coded messages) and symbols(something that represents or stands for something else) because we All were  like Babes in  God’s word, and we had to start out feeding on“MILK“. This is why […]

The Song of New Wine:”Now Is The Time”

A sense of quietness filled the house on October 27, 2009. While I was cleaning the refrigerator, I started to hum a new melody. I stopped cleaning the refrigerator and set at the kitchen table to give God a chance to speak to me.I wrote this song in tears. I didn’t stop writing until it […]