Father Moon’s Life

Father Moon (Sun Myung Moon) was born, on January 6, 1920 to a father of a farmer in what is now known as North Korea. Like Jesus, many knew of his birth before he was born and afterwards. 1935 he had a spiritual encounter with Jesus, who tasked him to build the kingdom of God […]

Roadside Blessing Ministry Growing Popular

This article re-posted from Familyfed.org/members Unificationists Spread Breaking News through Marriage-Education Outreach Jeddie and Elma King have been hosting marriage-education events since the Fall of 2008. On March 17, 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Elma King gave away household items to passersby who agreed to receive the Holy Wine in the name of True Parents. In the […]


Here is Photos of the our Roadside Blessing Ministry and a copy of the pamphlet we gave to the participants of Blessing of Marriage Holy Wine Ceremony Initiated by the True Parents of Mankind, Rev.  Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.353424804693903.72902.306764546026596&type=1 Below Video SlideShow of  Minister Jedi and Elma King Testimony about The Roadside […]

The Song of New Wine:”Now Is The Time”

A sense of quietness filled the house on October 27, 2009. While I was cleaning the refrigerator, I started to hum a new melody. I stopped cleaning the refrigerator and set at the kitchen table to give God a chance to speak to me.I wrote this song in tears. I didn’t stop writing until it […]