When Things Breakdown

Over the last week and a half, we have had several things to breakdown in our Home Church: 1) Our TV broke down- Rev. King called the TV repairman, and he replaced the cable box. Now, it’s working fine. 2) My truck broke down- Triple A found out it was the battery- I bought a […]

Knowing God, the Being of the Number Three- Part two

Continued from Part One When Abraham made his mistake in the symbolic offering, the dispensation was prolonged through Isaac, and fulfilled by Jacob. The course to restore Canaan under the leadership of Moses, and Jesus each were extended to Three -courses. When Jacob embarked upon the course to restore Canaan, there was a Three  day […]

Marriage and the Blessing (Part One)

Dear  Brothers and sisters, From the fall of man, which happen through our blood lineage, God has been trying to separate good from evil. We must know that we have two blood lineages on the earth. The blood lineage of Satan that all humanity is born caring, it deep into their bone marrow, and the […]