How John The Baptist Failed His Mission!

The Parallels of Jews and Christians History (Part one) 5/23/12 With ALL of your getting; get an understanding The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. This is why God said that we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We will never be able to find the truth, unless we can worship […]

Why We Need The NEW TRUTH?!

“Things That Go Bump In The Night”  (The New Truth) (part two) Radio Program Transcript 9/1/10 2000 years ago, Jesus came to earth with a NEW TRUTH that would save the world. Many times as He tried to teach this New Truth to the people that were prepared, they were busy searching the scriptures. When […]

The Ark of truth

The Ark of Truth has open up its gates, and is calling all of us to enter in. There is a kind of hush all over the world, as millions prepare themselves for “Foundation Day” February 21, 2013 (also,16th of Feb.); it is the sound of people in love. They are circumcising their hearts, and […]