The 61st True Children’s Day was celebrated at the King’s Home Church

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The 61st True Children’s Day was celebrated at the King’s Home Church November 14, 2020 Our Ancestors are invited to the celebration. Even though their anniversary is tomorrow we included them today. We talked about the many things that we are grateful for, and read True Mother’s words on her love for us. We delivered […]

Why should we witness?

It is our way to prove that we are sons and daughters of God. We are blessed families, and with blessing come responsibilities. Remember, we don’t work for God. We are God’s instruments. We do not own ourselves. We are bought with a price, so we should all glorify God’s in our bodies. In America, […]

You are always on my Mind

Since we celebrated our True Father on Sept. 3, 2020, sharing the things I have learned with my family has always been on my mind. There are several other things I want to share, because I am blessed to have many books of True Parents history. Being at home, my husband and I spend much […]

What’s going on?

God is bringing the whole world under indemnity in order the bring RESTORATION. What is indemnity? It is paying for something that we did wrong. As one family, we took Jesus to the cross. This was a grave sin. We all must pay for that. Then restoration can come to the whole world. 2020 is […]

Move Our Mouths

Our one bedroom efficiency for rent has just been waiting for the rightperson. The Fuimaone’s family saw our ad, and brought their daughter over to see it. They both thought it was the right place to give their daughter a fresh start. We witnessed to them, and gave them the Holy blessing. The blessing wouldn’t […]

Walk a Mile in our Shoes

Our President; thanks so very much for the heartfelt letter that you wrote our families June 10th , 2020. Sometime ago, I saw your deep heart of love, and I was inspired enough for a lifetime. I wanted to respond before, but I was having a breakdown; tears filled my mornings and my nights. Having […]

Women, “The Peace makers of the World”

Women of the world, I have come to you today to bring you an important message from God: (using many of our True Parents words).  (Quote – The United States is a country blessed by God. The Pilgrim Fathers risked their lives for the sake of the freedom of religion. They left behind their families […]

My Mother’s Testimony To True Parents

The Mystical of the Two Heads (Elnora Stanton’s testimony) On May 30, 2005 my niece called to tell me that they were taking mom to the hospital. It sounded very serious, so I took it to God in prayer. My mom walked into the emergency  room in Monroeville, Al. with the vital signs of a […]