Brothers and Sisters, True Mother said: you must hurry and becomes ten times, a hundred times busier starting from now. There are many people waiting for you. People cannot just know you; they must know True Parents, the Messiah. Tell them and testify that the True Parents are here on earth right now. We need […]

AN Offering of their Lives for the Sins of Humanity

The Kingdom of Heaven first starts from the bottom of hell. Jesus had to go to the bottom of hell for 3 days, and overcome a path of suffering there. He borne our griefs, sickness, weaknesses, and destress. He was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our guilt and iniquities. Yet, He had done […]

You are invited to: “THE WEDDING FEAST”

   “TRUE PARENTS” is the purpose for God’s creation. God needs True Parents on earth to start His Central Family, and be the perfect Model for His children to follow. God was waiting to bless His son and daughter in the Holy Blessed Marriage when they were spiritually matured. When Adam and Eve’s love took […]