An Essay: Holy Blessing

Being disconnected from God due to the Fall (sin), mankind has wandered the earth like orphans at the mercy of Satan, God’s enemy and the ruler of this fallen world. We have been growing up like wild olive trees. Why should we foolishly continue to live and die as wild olive trees?…A wild olive tree […]

The Story of Our Marriage Blessing

Here is a short version of  the story of my Blessing of marriage to Rev. Jedi King, officiated by Rev and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon (True Parents): Like many women in the Bible, the things that they did for God were sometimes misunderstood. The words “Will you marry me?” were put before me. My physical […]

The Song of New Wine:”Now Is The Time”

A sense of quietness filled the house on October 27, 2009. While I was cleaning the refrigerator, I started to hum a new melody. I stopped cleaning the refrigerator and set at the kitchen table to give God a chance to speak to me.I wrote this song in tears. I didn’t stop writing until it […]