The Parallels of the Jews and Christians History (Part four)

(Continued from Part Three)At the age of 16, the mission of this bridegroom was passed on to “Yong Myung”. Revelation 19:12 this young  man was given a new name which he alone knows or understand. We know this name now to be SUN MYUNG MOON. ( So, there was a change in His name). This goes […]

How John The Baptist Failed His Mission!

The Parallels of Jews and Christians History (Part one) 5/23/12 With ALL of your getting; get an understanding The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. This is why God said that we must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. We will never be able to find the truth, unless we can worship […]

An Essay: Holy Blessing

Being disconnected from God due to the Fall (sin), mankind has wandered the earth like orphans at the mercy of Satan, God’s enemy and the ruler of this fallen world. We have been growing up like wild olive trees. Why should we foolishly continue to live and die as wild olive trees?…A wild olive tree […]