What’s going on?

God is bringing the whole world under indemnity in order the bring RESTORATION. What is indemnity? It is paying for something that we did wrong. As one family, we took Jesus to the cross. This was a grave sin. We all must pay for that. Then restoration can come to the whole world. 2020 is […]

Drawing a Map

In the last days, I will separate the people from one another as a Shepherd separates the Sheep from the goats 1) Sheep: has a master Goats: Do not have a master 2) Sheep: Their Shephard( Jesus/True Parents enters the door by the sheepfold- and the watchman opens the door for him/her Goats: like a […]

Telling Plainly of the True Parents

Matthew 5:44- But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that Curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you: that you may be children of your Father which is in heaven. True Father said that this is one of the greatest […]


My family, When Jesus was on the cross, He told the thief on the right side of Him, today you shall be with me in Paradise. If you are able to hear, listen and give heed to what the spirit says to the churches. The Bible says, to those who overcomes I will grant to […]


Brothers and Sisters, True Mother said: you must hurry and becomes ten times, a hundred times busier starting from now. There are many people waiting for you. People cannot just know you; they must know True Parents, the Messiah. Tell them and testify that the True Parents are here on earth right now. We need […]

How did the left end up on the right? Part Four

How did the LEFT end up on the RIGHT? Final Chapter Our one Family under God: If you have been following these articles from part one through part three, you would have  read that Satan stole the Elder Son’s Position from the first Adam, and How God has worked very hard throughout the Bible to […]

How did the left end up on the right? Part Three

How did the Left side end up on the Right  – Part three Our one family under God, how did the political map turn mostly RED? Everyone is wondering, how could this happen? How could the RED-WING ignore all the stops signs; run through the red lights, break so many political rules; being called on […]

How did the left end up on the right? Part Two

How did the Left end up on the Right? – Part two Our one Family under God- In part one of this article, I talked about the word REVERSE. Why is this path necessary? In order to go over the fall realm of the first SON (ELDER SON), we must carry out the restoration through indemnity […]

How did the left end up on the right?

How did the left end up on the right? The Bible is filled with many hidden treasures, but these stories are couched in symbolisms and metaphors. This is God’s way of not revealing His new truth to the evil world. Jesus spoke in parables, and without a parable, He said nothing. However, Jesus said, when […]

AN Offering of their Lives for the Sins of Humanity

The Kingdom of Heaven first starts from the bottom of hell. Jesus had to go to the bottom of hell for 3 days, and overcome a path of suffering there. He borne our griefs, sickness, weaknesses, and destress. He was wounded for our transgressions, and bruised for our guilt and iniquities. Yet, He had done […]