Era of Women, Yin and Earthly Kingdom of God

6000 biblical years ago, God started the human race with two people; Adam and Eve. The core part of the principle involves the teaching of Yang and Yin. Yang, is the male Adam representing the heavens, and Eve the female Yin representing the earth. God’s original plan was for a balance to be made, and that is exactly how the Kingdom of heaven […]

What In Hell, do You Want?

Standing outside of Pastor Alexandre Decimus’ Church, a young man came up and asked me what I had seen there in Haiti. I reflected upon what I had seen with my physical eyes, and I told him that I saw hell. He looked at me with such a frown on his face. I repeated the […]

The Story of Our Marriage Blessing

Here is a short version of  the story of my Blessing of marriage to Rev. Jedi King, officiated by Rev and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon (True Parents): Like many women in the Bible, the things that they did for God were sometimes misunderstood. The words “Will you marry me?” were put before me. My physical […]