God, Our True Heavenly Parents, is a God of Sorrow and Pain. 

Brothers and Sisters, I want you to take a second look at God, the one we call our Father. Who is He? God is our Heavenly True Parents. God is a God of duel characteristics of both male and female living together in harmony.  Yes there is a mother and father God. He is a […]

God’s Signature

In the middle of writing my message for our radio ministry “The Light of Truth”, I was taken in another direction to a deeper study of Abraham and Sarah. After spending two days in reading I started to remember how God has spoken verbally to many of the prophets and people in the old and […]

Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying!

Get Busy Living, or Get Busy dying- 3/1/2014 Whether we speak  words to live, or to die is up to us. God has given us the power to do both. However, He asked us to choose life. God has given us the power to choose life, or to choose death, and  He has placed them […]