Our Six Annual Roadside Blessings (2013)

All year long we prepared for our Roadside Blessings in Alabama. We collect clothing, shoes, and books from others; but we buy the food with our own money. This year was different. One day we went witnessing with a Haiti Family Restoration T-shirt to build a Center in Haiti, but a lady gave us clothing […]

Killing Me Softly

Each morning when I went out on the terrace of our place of resident, I enjoyed looking over the city of Haiti. I reflected on what my eyes had seen the day before. It was like snap shots of my life. A child walking naked, a family living in run-down shacks, people working just for […]

What In Hell, do You Want?

Standing outside of Pastor Alexandre Decimus’ Church, a young man came up and asked me what I had seen there in Haiti. I reflected upon what I had seen with my physical eyes, and I told him that I saw hell. He looked at me with such a frown on his face. I repeated the […]


When we returned home from Haiti, my husband and I talked about how our lives had changed because of our trip. I wanted to act on a conversation that I had with a man named Gardy on the terrace in Haiti, but didn’t know how. God gave me a plan. We could use the money […]

Raising A Blessed Generation in Haiti

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