Rev. Elma King ( Minister Kim) testimony to Rev. Wesley Samuel (Part 2)

Part One Here The Heart of Heaven Our day started as a routine morning of Oct 13, 2009.My husband and I  was up early in the prayer room doing our daily hoondokhwe . This particular morning, we read True Father’s Sermon on “ The Heart of Heaven, in Relation to Elijah” It was dated March […]

Youth Conducted Sunday Service

The 4th Sunday of May is exceptional for us here because of all the new events. As the kids are embracing summer break in most schools in Florida, Kissimmee home church has decided to give them the floor this Sunday. The children have expressed themselves in a touching and moving way that let all of […]

The Parallels of Jews and Christians History (Part two)

With all of your getting, get an understanding… (Continued from Part One) Did John know who Jesus  was? The answer is yes, yes,  and  yes indeed. Malachi 3:1– Behold I will send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me. And the Lord  (Messiah) whom you seek will suddenly come to His temple. John 1:6-7- […]

God’s Signature

In the middle of writing my message for our radio ministry “The Light of Truth”, I was taken in another direction to a deeper study of Abraham and Sarah. After spending two days in reading I started to remember how God has spoken verbally to many of the prophets and people in the old and […]

Donate to help support the International Peace Education Center

Brothers and sisters of America, We are all familiar with the phase “go to hell”. However, it is hard for us to go to a place if we are already there. Look around, what do you see? We see signs of decay and confusion all around us. There are wars, and rumors of wars, bloodshed […]

Killing Me Softly

Each morning when I went out on the terrace of our place of resident, I enjoyed looking over the city of Haiti. I reflected on what my eyes had seen the day before. It was like snap shots of my life. A child walking naked, a family living in run-down shacks, people working just for […]

What In Hell, do You Want?

Standing outside of Pastor Alexandre Decimus’ Church, a young man came up and asked me what I had seen there in Haiti. I reflected upon what I had seen with my physical eyes, and I told him that I saw hell. He looked at me with such a frown on his face. I repeated the […]


When we returned home from Haiti, my husband and I talked about how our lives had changed because of our trip. I wanted to act on a conversation that I had with a man named Gardy on the terrace in Haiti, but didn’t know how. God gave me a plan. We could use the money […]

Raising A Blessed Generation in Haiti

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Roadside Blessing Ministry Growing Popular

This article re-posted from Unificationists Spread Breaking News through Marriage-Education Outreach Jeddie and Elma King have been hosting marriage-education events since the Fall of 2008. On March 17, 2007, Mr. and Mrs. Elma King gave away household items to passersby who agreed to receive the Holy Wine in the name of True Parents. In the […]