The Parallels of the Jews and Christians History (Part four)

(Continued from Part Three)At the age of 16, the mission of this bridegroom was passed on to “Yong Myung”. Revelation 19:12 this young  man was given a new name which he alone knows or understand. We know this name now to be SUN MYUNG MOON. ( So, there was a change in His name). This goes […]

The Secrets and the MYSTERIES of the Kingdom

 Why we don’t understand what God is saying today?  3/3/2012 The Bible has been written in parables and symbols for us, until such time that we are ready to wean off the breast and grow up to the point where we can start to eat solid food (meat) Scripture: Isaiah 28:9 Babes in Christ Let me […]

Repent, The Second Coming of Christ is already Here!

Part 2 of The Parallels of Jews and Christians History (6/24/12) When we take a look in the Bible we can see so many times that history was repeated when God’s mission through the people he called was not completed. We saw this with Cain and Abel. Cain was  suppose to accept his younger brother’s position. […]