The 61st True Children’s Day was celebrated at the King’s Home Church

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The 61st True Children’s Day was celebrated at the King’s Home Church November 14, 2020 Our Ancestors are invited to the celebration. Even though their anniversary is tomorrow we included them today. We talked about the many things that we are grateful for, and read True Mother’s words on her love for us. We delivered […]


My family, When Jesus was on the cross, He told the thief on the right side of Him, today you shall be with me in Paradise. If you are able to hear, listen and give heed to what the spirit says to the churches. The Bible says, to those who overcomes I will grant to […]

Haiti Mission

Jeddie and Elma King’s Tribal Messiahship Mission was blessed beyond words to have the opportunity to plant seeds of the Divine Principle in Haiti. We were invited by Evelyne Drake on her 5th project for the Haiti Youth Service.Since Evelyne Drake family moved to the United States from Haiti, she often thought of how to […]

Signs from Heaven

The most important person on a team is the manager who watches over the entire team from the sidelines. The manager doesn’t run or score goals, but his power is greater than All the players put together. Similar to a manager that sees things that the players cannot see and gives signals, God sees things […]


Brothers and Sisters, True Mother said: you must hurry and becomes ten times, a hundred times busier starting from now. There are many people waiting for you. People cannot just know you; they must know True Parents, the Messiah. Tell them and testify that the True Parents are here on earth right now. We need […]

The Bridegroom Is Lingering And Waiting

True Parents’ Children: Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King: 407-846-8256- CALL US!! This True Love; God’s seed- ONLY comes to the world through True Parents, who brings the blessing of Salvation to a dying world. We are now living in the 4 years of hope before the year 2020. The Bridegroom is lingering and waiting, […]

Blessing America

Dear Brothers and Sisters, How would you like to experience the “Greatest Love” that the world has ever known? This kind of love is possible, and it is knocking at our door with this letter. If we look back in history 6,000 years ago, it was “BLESSING” that God gave to Adam and Eve. God […]