Peace & Blessing Event on June 5th

Dear Pastors, Community Leaders, Brothers and Sisters, You are invited to the virtual event on Peace and Blessing event on June 5, 2021 The sizzle reel about this awesome event is ready to be shared! You can see it on Also, feel free to share the flyer. Let’s use these resources to invite our families, […]

A Home in Alabama

Sunday July 26, 2020 at 11: am, I took time to honor Rep. John Lewis. As I watched and listened to his painful history, my heart was filled with tears and those warm tears ran down my face as I was taken back to my own hometown in AL. We took time to remember him […]

Why should we witness?

It is our way to prove that we are sons and daughters of God. We are blessed families, and with blessing come responsibilities. Remember, we don’t work for God. We are God’s instruments. We do not own ourselves. We are bought with a price, so we should all glorify God’s in our bodies. In America, […]

The Greatest Love

True Parents have given us everything. This beautiful gift that they give to Blessed Couples is Tribal Messiahship. This gift puts us on the front line. As Dr. Kim said, this is the best place to meet God, so directly and clearly. True Father said that if we haven’t met God in tears, then we […]

You are always on my Mind

Since we celebrated our True Father on Sept. 3, 2020, sharing the things I have learned with my family has always been on my mind. There are several other things I want to share, because I am blessed to have many books of True Parents history. Being at home, my husband and I spend much […]

Why Rallies?

Holding so many rallies has been mostly about the fall away from God. After the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan raised so many barriers in order to make the world completely his own. No one has been able to surmount these walls that he erected: Satan’s cosmic walls; global walls; national walls; racial walls; […]

Why we need to Bless our 430 Blessed Couples :(Part-1)

When we blessed our 430 couples, it represents a time for a new beginning, and 4,300 years of Korean history. It opens up the gates for all people in the world to come in contact with heaven. It comprises all types of people, sinners and others from all walks of life, including murderers and robbers. […]

Why we must Liberate our Ancestors?

Because we have forgotten our ancestors our children no longer gives them  honor. Because we have lost the path our Ancestors cleared while kneeling in perilous undergrowth, our children can no longer find their way. Because the old walls of our Ancestors have faded beyond our hearing, our children cannot hear their cries. If our […]

430- Excerpts from Our Personal journey (Part 2)

When we were given the gift of Tribal Messiahship; we were given the blessing of our lives. With blessing comes responsibility. That responsibility is called: Restoration through indemnity. This is a ticket to the very bottom of hell; a place where you forget yourself; a place where you live for the sake of others; a […]

What’s going on?

God is bringing the whole world under indemnity in order the bring RESTORATION. What is indemnity? It is paying for something that we did wrong. As one family, we took Jesus to the cross. This was a grave sin. We all must pay for that. Then restoration can come to the whole world. 2020 is […]