Since we celebrated our True Father on Sept. 3, 2020, sharing the things I have learned with my family has always been on my mind. There are several other things I want to share, because I am blessed to have many books of True Parents history. Being at home, my husband and I spend much time witnessing to others about True Parents: A bit of history in America: at the end of WW II, the world was unified. If those nations had become one with True Father the first time, it would have taken only seven years to restore the world to the ideal period. The whole of humankind was within arm’s reach, ready to be saved. However, the failure of 2,000 years ago was repeated, and the whole foundation was dumped into Satan’s champ. The victory was lost over night. We know that it was True Father who stood up for America in front of God; he paid to indemnify the lost foundation. God’s dispensation had to be delayed for 40 years until 1992. Christians failed to meet her Bridegroom!! So we must stand up for America like never before. The reason America is important is due to her close ties with Christian churches. In the last days; True Parents said it would only be communism (RED), and Democracy .How can we save America? We must follow True Parents’ way. They established USA meaning: (United to Serve America). They did this in order to reclaim the foundation that was lost with the failure of America and Christianity in America. After restoring the authority of the Elder Son in that way, we need to use that foundation to defeat Communism. We need to work with God in the Christians churches; teach them True family values, and God’s way. They have to be constantly encouraged, and a conscious effort has to be made before it can bear results. They believe in God, but their belief is buried under parables. We need to bring the PLAIN TRUTH to them. God will take some responsibility for the coded Bible. Together, we can be the ones who serve the most in our effort to love the worst enemies of God; who are people that don’t believe that there is a God at all. Together, we can win Satan’s heart. True father said: Communism strategy is to turn the world RED. However, we must work with our enemies. By using the restoration of the authority of the elder son, we can bring the enemy into voluntarily surrender. We need to protect the FREE WORLD at all cost, because freedom of religion is the basic for all freedom. True Father took these enemies and worked restoration. Let us dig deep in our pockets in order to support, and be a witness to the Only Begotten daughter in the virtual rallies. We are helping True Mother save the world. She is the woman in the position of True Mother who prepared the world to receive True Father the second time. True Father’s idea for Tribal Messiahs is to become a servant, and go out and save the world. We must fight the evils that are going on in America right now, like True Father fought Kim II Sung and won; he told him the truth at the risk of his life. We need to win Evil over to God’s side with the truth. True Father said: when facing EVIL, don’t you ever become its partner, even if you have to die. I am telling you to never become accomplices of evil. The commandments to love means, that you should love people, but DO NOT love the SIN THAT PEOPLE ARE UNIFIED WITH. You must understand this! If we don’t know who our enemies are by now, then, we are one of the same with them; HAVING NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD. True Parents have given us everything here in America and it was not given for us to continue to sleep. Let us return everything to support True Mother in these virtual rallies to help bring the world in. We must know that America’s wealth is for the world. God will sacrifice us to restore the whole world. Don’t think because we are blessed that everyone should take care of us now. No, we are blessed for a reason. It is so that God can accomplish restoration through us. God has worked 1000 years to establish America, and we can’t let God down again! We are on our way to the unified world, and we must fight harder than ever before to get there, because Satan is fighting hard to make sure we don’t. America is God’s Hope. The survival of the entire world depends on America fulfilling her responsibilities. This is a tall mission. So let us think about them at night when we lie down; in the mornings when we rise; when we are sitting in our homes; when waking on our way; while driving in our cars. They should be forever on our minds. Look how close we came to missing them. So let us work with True Mother as she brings the world into Heavenly Parents Holy Community. God wants to save the world. She needs us to help. God invested everything in us. If God’s name is on our money, it must be God’s money, so send some in God’s direction.

heavenly elma- using True Parents words to reach you.- 9-12-2020

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