Because we have forgotten our ancestors our children no longer gives them 

honor. Because we have lost the path our Ancestors cleared while kneeling in perilous undergrowth, our children can no longer find their way. Because the old walls of our Ancestors have faded beyond our hearing, our children cannot hear their cries. If our Ancestors were all locked up in a prison here on earth, and a way was made for us to free them, how long would we hear their cries before doing everything we could to free them? Well, everyone can’t hear our Ancestors cries in the spirit world, but they are all at our mercy. Their liberation is in our hands. True Parents have made a way for us to free them from the pitiful situations they are in. Because of True Parents special authority, even if our Ancestors are in hell, they can now receive the benefit of the blessing that comes with this age. Once they go through the liberation and blessing ceremonies, they can return to earth. They can cooperate with their descendants to inspire them, and even reprimand them to turn. They will lead them by force if necessary to heaven rather than hell. By working with their descendants, they also can go to the kingdom of heaven. This era has now arrived.

You must hasten to liberate and bless your Ancestors. Only then, will your Ancestors and my Beloved Heung Jin be able to come to the earth, and cooperate with you. As the number of absolute good spirits increases, the territory of God and True Parents increases. This is the foundation for God to come down to earth. By cleansing up the

Invisible world -True Parents saving hands are reaching down to us. We must receive the cooperation of the spiritual world. We are burdened with the sins inherited from our Ancestors. We are personal responsible for these sins, even though we didn’t committee them. We are the result of 6,000 years of fallen human history. All modern diseases have spiritual causes that are connected to our ancestors. The heavier their sins, the more difficult it is to heal the resulting sickness. If people on earth do not clear up these sins through paying the required indemnity, they are passed down to their children. You are the historical reincarnation wearing the faces of your ancestors. In order to create one person, countless ancestors came and went- therefore we are the fruits of human history. Live in a way that you are not ashamed in front of your ancestors. You need to love your nation, more than your ancestors did. In the past, everyone on Satan’s side has attacked God. But the time has come when God side will take back from the evil in the spirit, as well as on earth. As time passes, people will see a different in those who invested to liberate the evil spirits and those who did not. The sacrificial devotion of your Ancestors was the foundation for God’s blessing. If you betray your Ancestors; if you betray God there is only one way for America to go; it will go to destruction. ( using True Parents words to reach you).

Heavenly elma-9-14-2020

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