It is our way to prove that we are sons and daughters of God.

We are blessed families, and with blessing come responsibilities. Remember, we don’t work for God. We are God’s instruments. We do not own ourselves. We are bought with a price, so we should all glorify God’s in our bodies. In America, God’s name is even on our money, so our money needs to be used for God as well. True Mother said: let us proclaim True Parents to the world without reservations, and let everyone know that without True Parents, the world can’t survive. This is the only way that we can give back for receiving the blessings that we have received from heaven. We cannot keep the blessing to ourselves. We have to let the 7.8 billion people living as orphans know that True Parents are working with God, our Heavenly Parents. Even though there are 7.8 billion people on the earth, you are the few who knows this universal and cosmic great TRUTH. It is a pressing task to tell all people of the world within the shortest time possible that true parents have come. This will be the great asset in the future. So we cannot remain still. We must mobilize all means to notify people that True Parents are here. You are in a position of the first and last Ancestors. If you cannot be in a position of the first ancestors of a dignified family, those in the last position can take your position. 2020 is a diamond Anniversary. Will we offer this nation and world to God? Our efforts will decide whether we become a ROYAL HEAVENLY FAMILY or not. The purpose for which we are living today is to fulfill our Tribal Messiah Mission, and restore the nation and world to God, This must happen while True Parents are still on the earth. If we cannot fulfill our responsibility while on the earth when we go to the spirit world they (our Ancestors) will accuse us, we will not be able to stand before them; we will have to run away from them. Our descendants will have to carry a heavy burden, and they will suffer more. That is a fact. There is no way we can avoid charges against us.

True Mother says: when we go to the spirit world, if True Father says; oh here you are; I am glad to see you. That is the kind of people that we should become; children of God and True Parents.

After 6.000 years of suffering. The people are still not in a position to receive the grace and blessing, and pass away tragically. These are our brothers and sisters. We need to think about them. They are in a very pitiful position without knowing True Parents, and the fighting continues. Please know, no matter what the environment; once a seed is planted it grows. It bore fruit anyway. This is amazing!! True Mother is pleading with us to roll up our sleeves, and rise to the challenge. Witness, no matter how others receive this great news, the seeds will grow anyway. You may say; “I don’t see it”, can you see a seed in the ground? Just put action with our faith.

Heavenly elma- using True Parents’ words to reach you- Happiness is the truth!!


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