Holding so many rallies has been mostly about the fall away from God. After the fall of Adam and Eve, Satan raised so many barriers in order to make the world completely his own. No one has been able to surmount these walls that he erected: Satan’s cosmic walls; global walls; national walls; racial walls; tribal walls; family walls, and even individual walls. The way back to God has been completely blocked by walls. Satan’s strategy is to divide and conquer. This is the reason he wants to put up walls around any territory that he come into prosession of. This way he blocks you assess to the free world, in order that he alone can take full control of what you hear and see. It is no wonder True Parents said that we could never find our way back to God unless we go through True Parents. Only True Parents have made the indemnity conditions that could conquer these many walls. Through their declarations and rallies over the many years, all the barriers have been overcome. They have worked extremely hard to restore the evil world, and establish the environment of the kingdom of heaven. Now, when you see our virtual rallies with videos of all these huge crowds of people from all over the world, we can appreciate the hard work, cost, and sacrifice it took to tear all of these walls down.

After True Parents have spent over 40 years of tearing down spiritual walls in America; the window of the world, we as True Parent’s children will never stand for anyone erecting a wall around her. Her windows will always remain open to the free world.

Heavenly elma- using True Parents words to reach you- 9/13/20

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