God is bringing the whole world under indemnity in order the bring RESTORATION.

What is indemnity? It is paying for something that we did wrong. As one family, we took Jesus to the cross. This was a grave sin. We all must pay for that. Then restoration can come to the whole world. 2020 is the great and terrible days of the Lord. After restoration, the spirit and the physical worlds can reconnect. This is the age of perfection where everyone will know for sure that God is a living God. After this long suffering period, we will all want to run to True Parents to receive the blessing. After receiving the blessing, (changing to God blood lineage), God, our heavenly parent can recognize us as His children, and only then will he be able to come to earth and live with each of us in our temple where He always wanted to be. God’s dwelling place is our temple, but because we were all born with Satan’s blood lineage, God could never live with us. The sooner we receive God’s pure blood lineage, the sooner this nightmare will end. We must be reborn in God’s true love which means- rebirth, resurrection, and eternal life. So, stay awake and pray. Keep safe, and know that we are all precious to God. We must follow the one that God has sent. This will not change, just because we don’t believe it. It is not our will, but God’s will. The will of God, will be done this time. What you see on the streets is God at work. America is an idea, whose time has come to fulfill it, “One family Under God”. So let us keep up the fight for justice, because the Mother of PEACE; the Mother of the universe has come on the world stage with 250 million people 8/8/2020 !!

Heavenly elma

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