True Parents have given us everything. This beautiful gift that they give to Blessed Couples is Tribal Messiahship. This gift puts us on the front line. As Dr. Kim said, this is the best place to meet God, so directly and clearly. True Father said that if we haven’t met God in tears, then we don’t know God. We will know of God, but we won’t know God. There is a big different. When we meet God in tears, we will get to know God internally. This is the greatest love. We will feel God sorrowful and painful heart. God thoughts will be our thoughts, and God’s ways will be our ways. God is the rock upon which we will build our house (an internal relationship). So when the rain falls; the floods comes; the wind blows, and beats up against our house, it will not fall, because it is built upon a solid rock foundation. God takes us through a course to prepare our hearts with true love; a love that lives for the sake of others. This is the course of God, the course of Jesus, and the course of True Parents. We all need to pick up our cross and follow. It’s called, restoration through indemnity. True Father said that America must say that he/she is a member of the Unification Church, and they are followers of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. If you don’t have the courage to say it that, then, you are not worthy of him. This course is filled with pain; betrayal; rejections; deceit; tears; being ignored; anger; being left out; being picked out to be picked on; being lied on; being accused for what you didn’t do; being asked to put back what you didn’t take; being despised for who you are. We are being trained to resemble God’s heart, and these are all types of fertilizers that are needed to grow our hearts of true love. These are the many things that are needed to remove our fallen nature, in order to feel God’s heart. Jesus can’t remove it, True Parents can’t remove it, not even God can remove it, but a person more sinful than us can remove it. So Tribal Messiahship is the key to help us remove our fallen nature. This is the way of suffering where you are bound to meet God as you face so many trails, and tribulations. Please know, with persecution come greater blessings. To shy away from persecution means you are missing the blessings. If we don’t pick up our cross on the front line, we are subject to build our house upon sand (an external relationship). So when the rain falls, the flood come, and the wind blows, and beat against our house it will fall, showing that we have no inner relationship with God. God wants an “Internal relationship” with all of us Blessed Families; this is because we have to reverse history. We must know that the dispensation of Cain and Abel is for the younger to achieve the position of the elder, and the elder to take the position of the younger.

This process of restoring the BIRTHRIGHT must be fulfilled from an individual scale, up by stages to the worldwide scale. Slowly we are putting things back into the original order. This is why we need Tribal Messiahship, where we give and give and continue to give to Cain without asking anything in return. This is how the positions are REVERSED back into the original order. Blessings doesn’t come alone, it comes with responsibility. So if we forsake our responsibility, we also forsake God’s blessings. We must fight as God’s front liners, declaring war against evil; we must build the model for the Kingdom of Heaven right here in America by leading with Godism. God is crying and we must respond to God’s call.

As we ready ourselves for a new mission, we want to help people especially that are crossing the finishing line. People that knows God’s heart, and hear God’s cries as God waits for us to help ease their pains and sorrows of 6,000 years.

So this training Tribal Messiahship course is for every Blessed couple, not to do this to the point where you at lease meet God, is a grave disservice to one self, and to God the greatest love of all. We should strive to go above and beyond the call of duty.

God’s Love and Satanic love- what is the difference?

The essential quality within true love is that it gives a person the power to love ones enemy. It is hard to distinguish between God’s love and satanic love, because they almost look completely alike. The biggest difference is that God’s love has the power to love ones enemy, while satanic love has absolutely no such power. The only way of dealing with enemies from the satanic point of view is to hate, and even kill them. God’s love on the other hand uses no coercion, but waits until a person can be moved on his/her own to do the right thing.

Heavenly elma-Oct. 20-20

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