The 61st True Children’s Day was celebrated at the King’s Home Church November 14, 2020

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Due to the Covid 19- we celebrate the holiday with just the two of us.
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We had regular service, and went out to deliver food and fruits from our offering table to local families doors.
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Rev. King made the celebration cake for the first time. It was so delicious!!

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Our Ancestors are invited to the celebration. Even though their anniversary is tomorrow we included them today.

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True Mother is the Holy Spirit in the flesh- she will lead the way of restoration
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True Mother and her children of the world

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We talked about the many things that we are grateful for, and read True Mother’s words on her love for us. We delivered food, fruits, and flowers to others.

Below are some of our families: some have moved, and some are locals.The sock family made an offering table and we attached it to the report. The Byrd’s family is relocating to Texas, but she sent pictures of her family that we attached to the report. Dee soon will be moving as well.

Minister Kelly- She is Rev. Herring’s spiritual child, and his John Baptist. She has been reading True Mother’s Memoir on the ACLC Conference calls every week after the passing of Minister Hargo. Rev, King asked for her reflections after Thursday’s reading, and she blow all of us out of the water with her reply.

She covered everything in details. I said: Tell-a-gram, Telephone, but tell a women, and the job is done.

Heavenly elma reporting from Kissimmee, FL 11/15/20

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