Sunday July 26, 2020 at 11: am, I took time to honor Rep. John Lewis. As I watched and listened to his painful history, my heart was filled with tears and those warm tears ran down my face as I was taken back to my own hometown in AL. We took time to remember him as many in America and around the world also watched and attended him. Many pages from his history are pages that I have witnessed and had to live through as I grew up in Alabama. We were treated inhumane. They packed us in the back of a truck like sardines in a can, and drove us for miles to a cotton field. In this field we worked from dusk to dawn in 90 to 100 degree weather at times for a couples dollars a day. Over the years as I traveled over these small cities like Troy, Frisco City, Prichard, Drewry, Dothan, Excel, Evergreen, Peterman. Bay- Minette, Monroeville, Repton, Selman, Atmore, Mobile, Burnt corn, Montgomery, and finally Birmingham, AL, I experienced what hell must be like. I have heard and seen more than I care to remember. One would say; what good could ever come out of these painful places where so much evil is buried?

As I watched John Lewis’ body being carried over the bridge in Selma, I cried and thought of all of the horror stories of our Ancestor’s blood, sweat, and tears that soaks the dark alleys, and the old country roads of Alabama. Our stories as black people have never been told; many don’t know about this evil history that has been hidden for 400 years, but they will be told now. Everything that’s done in darkness will surly come to light. We will never go back to what we call a normal life, because it’s a false life. We will never again accept a world that treats us as though our live does not matter. After 400 years, many of us have spiritual help. Through our True Parents, we learned that ALL modern diseases have spiritual causes that are connected to our Ancestors. So if we don’t clear up these acts of sin through liberating our Ancestors, the suffering is passed down to our children. When you see this from the spirit world; “if only I had”.. is not enough. If we could see a video of what happens if we don’t fulfill our mission, we will do all that we can to get it done. Today 7/30/26, again I watched the funeral of John Robert Lewis from Troy Alabama, a small unknown place in Alabama, but all this week; the name is heard all over the world. Who would ever have known that suffering brings us closer to God? So the fire in my belly, and many people bellies that was oppressed during the Jim –Crow era, and even now will continue to burn its way from hell into a heaven for all humanity. Thank you, John Lewis for leaving a legacy of love.

Heavenly elma- a small town Alabama Mongolian girl

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