When we were given the gift of Tribal Messiahship; we were given the blessing of our lives. With blessing comes responsibility. That responsibility is called: Restoration through indemnity. This is a ticket to the very bottom of hell; a place where you forget yourself; a place where you live for the sake of others; a place where you give and give with pleasure and continue to give endlessly, without expecting anything in return. Many years ago we started on this international highway of true love- journey. This is a fight through the “Satanic world”. We placed God at the center of our lives; we put on the breastplate, the full armor of the Lord. We knew that we were going into hell, and the most powerful weapon would be true love. We packed; some determination, extra strength, and we prayed. We were soldiers on the frontline, and we needed to do this or Die. We took this BREAKING NEWS TO: Family Square– families are the enemies of love. We met doubts, disbelief and rejections. We left in a Trail of Tears. Then, on Pastors State Road; we had Prayer Breakfasts and workshop- a trail of broken promises, and sometimes anger. The neighbor Streets-We faced someone with a hatchet. There were threats of locking us up, and the police was called several times on us. On Disappointment Drive- After driving for an hour to pick up someone for a workshop, he turned us down. A lonely expressway of betrayal – this was pain beyond any pain I had encountered before. We gave our all, even brought people alone with us from another country for the celebration

– it was all a lie from the beginning. We had to get some extra strength from our bag. I wondered how could this happen? God was there in all of the planning, but now, we felt alone. There were several of these major betrayals. We did some work on an Ave. of deceit. After we have given so much, we heard lies that put my head into a tailspin. A court of accusations, and persecution- made up lies that cost lots of money, the cases were dropped. A Driveway of no return- after pouring out your hearts of love, you realize you are not welcome down that driveway again, because you used the words True Parents. A loop of destruction- Someone did not like the name True Parents on your truck, so your tire is damaged. On the Food of Love Road– everyone welcomed us. We spent many years giving and giving and continue to give. The Gate-way of true love– this was our market place where the blessing poured out sometimes like water. In our long struggle of pain, sweat, blood, tears and suffering we remember: No one has suffered more than our True Parents on this earth. They became the King and Queen of suffering. They subjugated Satan with love and reclaimed the position of the Elder Son Nation with the power and authority to lead the world with True Love. Over 40 years in America. Visiting to True Father’s hometown after over 40 years; his younger sister was a grandmother; his older sister was more than seventy years old. His parents were dead, and he could only visit their gravesites, and offer bouquets. He could not cry, but inside his heart, he was shedding tears like a waterfall. They left families to come to America, yet they still wants to give us a CROWN OF GLORY, if we bring victory. Heavenly – elma- our own personal kingdom of heaven- Home Church.

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