Our President; thanks so very much for the heartfelt letter that you wrote our families June 10th , 2020. Sometime ago, I saw your deep heart of love, and I was inspired enough for a lifetime. I wanted to respond before, but I was having a breakdown; tears filled my mornings and my nights. Having to face what my eyes wouldn’t let me hide, my alarm was set off. I broke several things feeling like an earthquake was inside of me. I lost my very important address book and keys before I realized that something was very wrong. It’s been very hard to hold things together. Since I joined this movement, there was one other time that my tears just wouldn’t stop falling. Most black people have unbearable pain that has been frozen in time. Unable to fight, the body stores these painful things away so that we can continue to function. Like so many times before, I could resist pain, by making myself busy. I ordered True Mother’s Autobiographies as soon as I could. When we received them, we were off to distribute them. This music was playing in my head “- you got your hands in the air and your feet on the gas”. You are bout to wreck your future, running from your past. After hearing these words playing over and over in my head, I called my son to ask the name of the artist who wrote these lyrics. I told him that I was breaking things and losing things.. He called me back with the artist’s name: India Arie. The title was Slow Down. When I looked at the song, it was momma saying slow down. It was like my mom was speaking to me through this song. India knows these feelings all too well. Before reaching a state of total exhaustion, I took some quiet time- then I pushed the reset button. I looked at the protesters on the streets. They were no longer black people, but they were all of the five colors of the human race. They look like the kingdom of heaven to me. 

What a beautiful rainbow of colors sweeping over America and across the world for a common cause. Soon they will be looking for a place that resembles them. A place preaching, interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal shared values. What are we asking for? We want justice, equality, and peace. Which one of these good things are we being persecuted for? It is so sad that we have to fight and even die for a seat/voice at the table. We need to know that we are at a historical turning point. All of these things done in darkness must come to light. We all must speak out against the blatantly injustice that has taken place, and has killed us like a virus for over 400 years. We need to know that it is not many people that are living life on easy street who will change this world, but the people who are in the most miserable situations are the ones who are desperate to change the world we are living in. These are people that will lose their lives in order to save the world. We need to know that the sorrowful heart of God is with the people who suffer the most. So who is Cain and who is Abel? It’s very simple: Cain is the one who injures others, and Able is the one who is injured by others. Cain and Abel were brothers from the same mother, yet Cain killed his brother Abel. We can see that this is a chronic disease in our bloodline that must be corrected. Racism in this world is a systemic problem. We can bring down many statues; we can write many new laws-they all are needed. But only True Mother– God’s Only Begotten Daughter can remove the very ROOT that has caused the hell that we now see on earth (red inside and out). We must all know that Jesus could not become the Messiah of the apostles that followed him. He became the Messiah of a foreigner Simon of Cyrene who helped to carry the cross for him. So Christianity is a religion of foreigners. We were forced to come to America as slaves, and for 400 years we black as well as brown people carried the cross like Jesus and our True Parent’s. They know the kind of pain that is buried in our internal hard drive. The very Han in True Mother’s name speaks of this pain. As women, we are tired of all of the wars and guns, and fighting. If there ever was a time for the peacemakers to step up and follow the Mother of peace it is now. Years ago, when I was at the brink of death, I heard my mother’s voice calling me. She called my name very loud and clear. I am hearing her call me again. I heard that George Floyd called for his MOTHER. This is a time when God is separating the Sheep from the Goats. Sheep are very conscientious, and will find the way to True Parents. They can imagine a world without the need for police, lawyers, prosecutors, and even Judges, because that world will be governed by True families following the heavenly way and heavenly laws. Goats are selfish and can never see a world without wars, fighting, guns, and the shedding of innocent blood; they will lose their lives trying to save it. So let us all either get busy living, or get busy dying. We can’t wait for change to come to us; we have to be that agent of change. Do not look back at the old ways of doing things. God can’t wait!! Let us bring the world in through true love persuasion, and voluntary submission. True love: the only weapon we need. It’s True Mother’s time to reign over MOTHER EARTH!! God has spoken. Years from now, we will not remember the words of our enemies, but we will surely remember the silence of our friends. 

Heavenly elma-(Mongolian girl) 

Heavenly elma &Rev. Jeddie King-King’s Home Church- Kissimmee, FL 

June 13, 2020- remember-Juneteenth

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