Matthew 5:44- But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that Curse you, do good to those that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully use you and persecute you: that you may be children of your Father which is in heaven. True Father said that this is one of the greatest scriptures found in the Bible. Let us remember that in the fall of humanity, God lost everything to the enemy, Satan. So heaven’s position was similar to a man who lost his beloved lover, and has to love another woman, and further, to love her son, whom someone else fathered, as his own son. The problem was how, can God accept that son as his own direct- heir. This was miserable and tormenting for God, since the acceptance could not be done at once. God had to work through a course of tribulation involving that degree of love on the family, tribal, societal, national and world levels, persevering and overcoming everything. God waited until the time that He could send the Messiah. We all know that the Messiah comes after the purification of the blood lineage. Everyone in the world were born with the tainted blood lineage of Satan, Satan took Adam, the first son of God position. So God has had to do His providential work through the second son’s position. Throughout the Bible, we can see how hard God has worked to reverse this first son and second son’s position. We must know why this is soo important to God. True Parents understood the sorrowful heart of God, and came to America where God sent them.

We must know that America represents the Elder Son’s position. This is the position that was taken by Satan from Adam. This position is very powerful, and one can rule from this position all over the world. In fact, Jesus told his disciples that he would no longer talk much with them because the ruler of this world was coming and that ruler had nothing to do with him. Who is the one nation that represents the whole world? It is none other than America. True Father and True Mother know America more than anyone. True Father said that he would have cursed America if it hadn’t been for God. They know all too well that we as black and brown people have been oppressed in America for centuries. However, with all of our painful history, true Father said that he has suffered more. Please know this; True Parents came to save America. They have spent more time here than any other nation, not because America is soo good, but to root out this dark and painful history. They’ve worked very hard to gain VOC in America. Many to this day never knew that we were ever in danger. The only Begotten Son and daughter of God, ignored their dignity, and blessed the children of the enemies in order to make them God’s children. The danger is the RED PARTY. True Parents have been serving the red party as it says in Matthew 5:44 in order to REVERSE the positions. They know that by restoring the Elder son ship, which was stolen by the archangel centered on Adam, we can enter the original world where there is no Cain or Able. True Parents are not a Red or BLUE party; they represent the ROYAL Family of God. However, by serving CAIN, The red Party, they can give and give and continue to give and forget that they have given, in order to be able to love Satan into voluntary submission. Cain and Able must enter the womb of True Parents and be reborn in order to reverse the positions of eldest son and second son. This is how we end the Cain and Able positions as relatively good and evil. Because of the painful history in America of loving the Elder son, TP’s have reclaimed the Elder Son’s position back on God’s side. This is the position that we ALL need to reclaim in order to lead the heavenly world. Look how many of us True Parents have brought over on God’s side. Yes we are to love our enemies, but we are to tell them the truth while loving them. Love is the greatest and most powerful weapon the world has ever known. We have been given such a position as True Parents. This is a position of Tribal Messiahship as part of the 2020 VISION. We should be in our Home Church now. We as couples should love Cain by giving and giving and continue to give in order to win Cain over and reverse the positions. Right now, we would be ready to RULE THE WORLD in that powerful dominating position as the First son with true love. We would be ready to bring in all 5 colors in the world as our True Parents have done; but are we there yet? In the last days, you will see the Red dangerous party rear his face again. This is a serious matter. Many guns have been purchased and are ready and waiting for a war on the free world. Right and left originated at the time of Jesus. The Left denied Jesus, and the Right was the only person in history to move to Jesus’s side. We are CONFUSED TODAY, because we don’t know who, is the real Left, and who is the real right. History started in a lie with FALSE PARENTS, and this false history must end with TRUE PARENTS and the truth. How much has Satan been changeable? He changes from moment to moment. He drags people everywhere according to his whims. In the last days, Christianity will decline. However, Communism centered on materialism is the most difficult problem for God. Our church needs to take responsibility for this. We shouldn’t look for leaders OUT in the world; we are the owners of AMERICA. We have the truth, so let’s tell the leaders about her, all over the world. America needs to repent of its dark history; then we can forgive; love and unite to be the Shinning window to the world.

Heavenly elma (Satan is the one who shows your certificate of love).

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