In the last days, I will separate the people from one another as a Shepherd separates the Sheep from the goats

1) Sheep: has a master Goats: Do not have a master

2) Sheep: Their Shephard( Jesus/True Parents enters the door by the sheepfold- and the watchman opens the door for him/her Goats: like a thief tries to climb up some other way

3) Sheep: They listen to the Shephard’s voice, they recognize and follow it. The Shephard calls His/Her own sheep by name, and brings them out Goats: comes out on their own whenever they want

4) Sheep: sheep will never on any account, follow a stranger, but will run away from a stranger because they do not recognize a stranger’s voice Goats: follows a stranger

5) Sheep: Anyone who enters in the Shephard’s door will have life, and will have it in abundance until it overflows Goats: they enters the door of a stranger that leads to death, he comes only to kill steal and destroy

6) Sheep: The good Shephard will risk and lay His/ Her life for the sheep Goats: follows the stranger, the hired servant, (whose merely serves for wages) who is neither the Shephard, neither the owner of the flock. When he sees the wolf coming, he deserts the flock and run away- because he only serves for wages, not the flocks; leaving the wolf to snatch them, and scatters them everywhere

7) Sheep: are the ones that recognized God’s existence, defended Jesus and went to paradise with him Goats: have a God denying view, thinking there is no-God, and even blamed Jesus on the cross

8) Sheep: represents the mind, the internal position, and could become one spiritually with Jesus Goats: represents the body centering on materialism, saying that God doesn’t exist, and that religion is just an opiate for the people. They intend to destroy religion at its roots.

9) Sheep: see the value of every human being-they know that one human being has more value than the whole universe Goats: place the value on lively-hood. At all cost to human lives, the economy must continue at the risk of untold number of human’s lives

10) Sheep: they listen to Scientist, and follow their earthly laws, and obeying rules and regulations. They know that scientist is a blessing from God Goats: they run on guts feelings breaking all the written laws, and making new ones up as they go along; having eyes, but refuse to see; having ears, but refuse hear or believe

11) Sheep: HAVE FAITH IN THINGS NOT SEEN Goats: DON’T HAVE FAITH, AND ONLY BELIEVE WHEN THINGS ARE AT THEIR VERY DOOR AFFECTING THEM PERSONALLY The term, right and left started after the crucifixion of Jesus. In the last days, the evil world will be divided and separated into TWO; the Democratic world who attends God as their Lord, while the Communism world denies God’s existence. Because human beings were planted with mind and body fighting, what was planted will be harvested.

Because history started in a lie with false Parents, restoration must start in the truth with True Parents. In the background of history, God has been working very hard to reverse the disorder of things. Example: after the fall, Cain TAKING Adam’s position became the elder son on evil side, so God had to work with the second son Able who was closer to Him. Then, there was Esau and Jacob. Esau wanted to kill Jacob, (this would have been repeating what Cain had done to his brother Abel), but Jacob set up a condition of spiritual victory at the ford of Jabbok over the angle, and through winning over Esau who was in the position of the Archangel, he was blessed as the first victor in history, and was given the name Israel.

However, Jacob was in his fortieth year of birth. Because Satan sowed the seeds of false love within the womb of Eve, God needed to purify a mother’s womb from the time of conception, and continue to age forty in which His heavenly son Jesus could be born. This mother was Tamar. She gave birth to twins sons: Zerah and Perez. Zerah stretched out his hand from the womb to be born first, the midwife bound upon it a scarlet (RED) thread (this signified that the Communism party).

She said he would be born first, but He was pulled back into the womb by Perez and after fighting in the womb, the second son Perez was born first-thereby taking the position of the elder son and revering the position at birth. On this foundation, Jesus was born with the powerful position of the first son to lead the world with love.

After the world rejected Jesus this position was lost and, he told the disciples that the (Prince) ruler of the world is coming, and there was nothing in that ruler that belongs to him. Satan had reclaimed the powerful position of the Elder son again. Jesus promised to return, and in 1960 True Parents were born to all humanity on this earth with the spirit and power of Jesus and Holy Spirit working together to make ready a people prepared. 1971, True Parents in the Able position was called to this Elder Son’s nation called America.

They came to serve Satan’s children more than their own children. Many of us don’t know of the million and millions of dollars True Parents poured into investing in America, so much so until True Father was given the name “DEEP POCKETS”. Through much blood, sweat, pain, tears and sacrificing to the RED leadership, they reclaimed the Elder Son’s position again (from the Archangel). They subjugated the Red leadership with love. This is the only way we can REVERSE this powerful position, and rule the world with True Love.

Blessed families have been given Tribal Messiahship. With this great gift we also must subjugate the RED LEADERSHIP with true love, and bring the whole world to God’s side. When we overcome, help others. This is how we help God save the world. We give and give and continue to give, and forget what we have given.

Why is it important to love our enemies? After the fall away from God into false love, the world became God’s enemies. So God has never stopped loving “US” Satan’s children. If we want to enter the Kingdom on earth and in heaven, we must do the same. It is the enemy who gives you your certificate of approval or disapproval before you can meet God. When families are divided, you can know that the time of heavenly family is forming.

When mothers, and fathers are at war with each other; you can know that the satanic world is fighting itself into destruction, when a church minister and Elders are at war in the church; then you can know that it’s the last days. From now on such phenomena will happen in the world. What do we do in times such as these? We fight on the front line with new family ethics, new religious-ethics and new world ethics. It is the greatest time ever to witness to the world about the Only Begotten Daughter of God . We need to saturate the world in every way possible about the Mother of Peace; the Mother of the universe. True Heavenly Parents wants to save the world, and it is not their will that any should perish.

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