Over the last week and a half, we have had several things to breakdown in our Home Church:
1) Our TV broke down- Rev. King called the TV repairman, and he replaced the cable box. Now, it’s working fine.
2) My truck broke down- Triple A found out it was the battery- I bought a new one, and it is working find.
3) The instance hot water heater stopped working-Rev. King discovered that the breaker was off- now, we are back in business.
4) Our air- condition broke down- Rev. King had to buy e new compressor and install it. We are now as cool as a cucumber now.
But what happens when Elma King breaks down? Rev. King’s hugs can’t repair the damage that has such deep roots of over 30 and 40 years ago. We are seeing the misuse of love played out on the world’s stage. The atmosphere has triggered doors to open that have been locked down and stored away for many years. The trauma has been too painful to deal with. Sept 26, 2018; there were sounds of many screams, one after another that came pouring out from my body, and the sounds of many screams in rapid successions filled our home. There were a flow of tears that couldn’t seem to reach a stop sign. So many things have been frozen in time. It was as if all of the doors inside of the storage room had flung open, and I had to finally deal with each one. I went into the prayer room, and one by one, I remembered what was behind each door, and I told my stories from my past of being a young girl to an adult to True Mother in tears. She is the only one who can and will right every wrong. I thanked our True Parents for the Liberation of women on April 10, 1992. I know True Mother will soon comfort the Me Two generation, and many others who have never had a voice to speak out. There is a mountain filled with many kinds of pain that I have had to endure, but this kind of pain alters life, it cuts to the very core of being a human being that we are all created to be. The name, Grand Central Station is a key that triggers a door to open, and I live in terror all over again. Jeremiah 2:22- though I washed with soap and used much lye, nothing could make me feel clean. Seeing women being beaten; their clothes being ripped from their bodies; the flight or fight that God gives us to fight with everything we have, to run as fast as we can, or lock stressful things that happened behind doors, could all be keys that open up places that I don’t ever care to revisit in my life time. However, someone or something else holds the keys to these doors. The caged birds will soon be able to fly with the CRANE. For every poison, heaven has given us something to counteract it. True Mother, God’s only Begotten Daughter is the only one who can counteract the poison that all human beings were born with. This poison lies at the very ROOT OF SIN. Only the Messiah can remove this stain that hides itself in our linage. No one can know this pain except the ones who carries it. Even the carrier can be thrown off guard by the sudden out cries for help. I know all too well why the caged bird sings. The CRANE is coming soon to heal America and the world. We will all soon fly again. Elma King- an agent of change.

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