It started on a tour bus going to the Arabian Nights Dinner Theater. It was a show of live horses performing, and dinner following the show. I didn’t want to go. My friends kept talking me into it. I said that I didn’t want to see some horses jumping around. Finally I gave into it, just to shut them up.
But Lee wanted to go because she was lonely. She called the touring company to see if there was a seat available. They said yes, there is one seat left. Lee was sitting right in front of me. She was so tiny; she looked like a princess. She was four feet and ten inches tall, and her weight was 78 pounds. Right away, I asked if she was married, and she said no, are you? I say no, but I don’t date. I only flirt and I only flirt with pretty girls. Lee said that’s ok, we can be friends. I said by-the-way I am going to be Santa Clause for the next three days at k-mart’s. She said, what time do you start? I said from ten in the mornings until two in the afternoon.
She came and stayed the whole day for three days. On the third day, she brought me fudge candy. She said, I told my sisters about you, and her sisters wanted to meet me. They asked if that was ok. I said to myself, she’s setting this up. Then she said, can we go meet them today? She told me that one sister was married and one was single.
When I got to the sisters’ house, Lee introduced me to the married sister, Beverly. Beverly said, Lee told us about you, and she likes you a lot. Then, Lee introduced me to her single sister, Lisa. This is the part that you won’t believe. Lee told Lisa, this is Ken, and he is mine. Don’t you try to out-dress me or take him away from me, because he is “MINE”. Her sister said, I won’t, but I want one just like him. Lee said good luck!! When Lee said he is mine, I wanted to be hers. Then, we started dating. For the first 30 days, I respected her so much, that I only kissed her on the hand. Two weeks later, I invited her to a Valentine Day dance. I also told Lee that there was going to be a love story contest. Lee asked me, are you going to enter? I said yes; if I tell the truth, we will win.
I was the first to tell my story. After I had told my story, the Host said, who is next? The competitors all said, we can’t top that story, and none of us wants to try. So the judge said you automatically won. After 30 days I fell in love with Lee without kissing her on the lips. I didn’t want to tell her that I loved her; I wanted to show her that I loved her.
So I worked out a plan. I invited Lee to my house for dinner. Lee said, do you cook, too? I said yes. I will make a salad, cook a dinner and make a chocolate cake. She said, wow that sounds great! I told her that I would pick her up tomorrow. I made two separate salad plates. With Lee’s plate, using sliced cheese, I carved out the words “I LOVE YOU”. I put the salad in the middle of her plate, covered it and put it in the refrigerator. Then, I called Lee and told her that I was going to pick her up for dinner. When she saw her salad plate, she said this is the first salad plate I’ve ever had that says: I love you. She said it’s so fancy. I love it!
After eating the meal and a slice of chocolate cake, I gave Lee a box of chocolate candy. Then she said wow, would you like a chocolate kiss? I said yes, that sounds great.

Mr. Kelly’s chocolate cake
This is another part that you won’t believe. After about two months, I got my first love letter. It said: Dearest Ken, I will love with you, and I will laugh with you; I will take care of you if you are sick; I will never have a romantic interest with any other man. Love you forever, Lee. When I read this love letter, I said if she’s going to love me forever, I had better get an engagement ring before she changes her mind.
So on her next birthday, we celebrated at her sisters’ house. I told them that this was going to be the most exciting birthday that you’ve ever seen. They said, we doubt that, because we’ve seen a lot of birthday parties. After giving Lee her gift, I said that I had forgotten something. Then, I got down on my knees and gave Lee an engagement ring. I said to her, would you marry me? Lee’s sisters were speechless. It took Lee about 5 minutes to recuperate from what she had heard. Then she said yes, I will.
I promised her that we would have a more exciting wedding and marriage than anyone in the world, and you won’t know what I am going to do until after the marriage. We are going to get married in 119 days. I just picked those numbers out of the hat. I told Lee that I had made up an ID card with our pictures on it. I wrote days to be married, starting with 119 days. I will change the number on it every day, and on the last day, it will say “day to be married”. I will have this card on my shirt every day, so when others see me they will know that I am getting married, and how many days before I do.
After the wedding, I took Lee home and she could see the promises that I had made. From the living room to the dining room there were 250 lights. In the living room there was a sign saying: Lee, I will love you with all of my heart; in the dining room another sign saying: Thank you for being my wife. Over the big window in the living room, I had a sign saying: Happy Anniversary with years—- months— and days—-, but there were no numbers yet.
Then, I told Lee that we were going to celebrate being married every day. I told her that I would put a card in my pocket saying how many days we were married. I also told her that I would give her flowers every week and bake her a cake, and we were going to celebrate our anniversary every month, not every year. I told my wife that I would never get angry with her, because if I had five minutes of anger, I would lose five minutes of love, and I never wanted to lose even 5 minutes of love with her.
After being married for one year, I had to take her to the hospital. The doctor said that he had to admit her. Lee said no, my husband will take care of me. So the doctor said how about one night? She said that’s ok but for ONLY one night. I told my wife that I would stay with her so she wouldn’t be scared. That was when I found out that she had end-staged kidney disease, with a life expectancy of five years. Lee didn’t hear the five years, and I never told her, because I didn’t want to scare her. I said that is ok, I would just have to take special care of her.
When we first got home, I made a princess ball for her, using a regular door bell, only the bottom would be on the inside. Whatever room I was in, I would plug in the chimes, and when she pushed the button, I would come running. If I was outside, I would plug it into an extension cord. Once in a while she would push the button, and I would come –a –running, and she would be laughing, saying: “Just Checking”.

Mr. Kelly’s Princess Ball

Two years ago I took Lee to the kidney Doctor. The doctor told Lee that she would have to go on dialysis or hospice pretty soon. Then the doctor gave her a book titled “Living with dialysis”. I told the doctor that she didn’t need the book, because she wasn’t going to the hospice or dialysis. The doctor said how do you know? I told the doctor that I loved my wife, and I would take good care of her. I told him that I would do whatever I could to prevent her from going to dialysis or hospice. The next time she went to the kidney doctor the doctor said, do you know what I want you to do to make your kidneys stronger? He said, nothing, because I can’t find anything wrong with your kidney anymore. I gave thanks to God instantly. Lee never had any problems with her kidney ever again.
September 30, 2017, my wife passed away in her sleep due to a heart attack. I wasn’t mad at God. Instead, I thanked God for giving us extra time to show our love toward each other. I thanked God for having Lee pass away in her sleep, and not having to go through a lot of pain and suffering. I thanked God for taking my wife to heaven where she would be happy for eternity. I thanked God for giving my wife the opportunity to love and serve Him. I asked God to let me do the same when my term comes. On the prayer wall at the Cemetery, the plaque I have for Lee doesn’t have the words, Lee Kelly, with the day she was born, and the day she died. I only have the words PRINCESS LEE in big gold colored letters. We have 118 cards, and none of them are missing. I was looking the cards over just the other day, and I found a note in them that I’ve never seen before written by my wife. I felt like she was right beside me when I read it. (Mr. Kelly is tearing up now).The note says: … and that’s our story; and then it says: Honey Bunny. (That is the name she called me before) I will love you forever. It was signed with all of my love, Lee.
And that is my love story. I don’t have to add anything or take anything away to make it real. Because of their strong bond of love for each other, Lee and Ken received the Blessing April 6, 2018. They are now eternal mates.
Kenneth Kelly- his story given over the phone to heavenly Elma King

Mr. Kelly is sharing his love story. I hope it will reach the world, he said. Mr. Kelly, I say to you today that we are a love race of people, and we will do everything we can to make your dream come true.
Written by heavenly Elma King- October 3, 2018- This is only one of many stories that Mr. Kelly will share with me.

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