1) The Reason for Giving the Responsibility of Tribal Messiah
I am calling you in order to hand down something noble. If I failed in this – all of the spiritual world will accuse me. I know that. How fearful. I know very well. No matter how difficult my life course has been in the past- that in itself is not a problem. More fearful than that difficulty is the accusation of the spirit world. Thus no matter how much persecution I was receiving, I knew it was the easy way. I know which way is more valuable.
You cannot see clearly what to do yourselves, so you must shut your mouth. You must know this clearly how fearful it is. Now I have given you the name of tribal messiah. What kind of messiah? {Tribal messiah}! As that messiah, what do you have to do? I have prepared everything for you also to become a national messiah, world messiah and cosmic messiah. I have prepared treasures that are as large as a mountain. If you can become a messiah, you will be able to inherit all of this. It will be as if a pipe is connected to you, and like flowing water, all that treasure will be handed down to you,
If, after you inherit this precious thing, you fail, your descendants in the future will accuse you. God will not help you. Mother and I, the True Children and all Unification Church members will not help you. -Our True Parents words to you.
Heavenly elma says: Our family, you have been reading True Father’s words. The Tribal Messiah’s responsibility is the most important mission we will ever have in our life time. It is also the most fearful position. Knowing the suffering True Father has endured on this earth that he can still tell us that his life was easy on earth compared to the accusations he would have received from the spirit world if he didn’t fulfill his responsibility, should blow our mind. Please take a moment to think deeply about what True Father said. We have been given the authority to restore the world through the blessing. This is an honor as well as a privilege to help God recreate this world, especially when we are the ones who caused the hell in the first place. Do you know that we can give rebirth, resurrection and eternal life? Do you know that we can perfect the world? True Parents have put this remarkable work in our hands through the blessing. Our number 7 Pledge says: Our family, the owner of Cheon ll Gulk, pledges, through living for the sake of others, to perfect the world based on the culture of heart, which is rooted in the ORIGINAL LINEAGE, by centering on true love. Where is the original lineage found? It is found in the BLESSING that we are giving to the lost children of True Heavenly Parents. The Messiah comes to restore the fallen lineage of Satan’s back to God lineage. Satan’s lineage has blocked us from God’s love, and there is no way for fallen humanity to go back to God unless this lineage is restored. Women in the family, I am calling you out from behind your family. By no means am I saying that this will be easy to do, that is why the word TAKE in taking the lead is important. It will not be handed to you on a platter, but take it you must, because your family’s life as well as your own depends on it . So be BOLD AND BE STRONG. If God is with you, who can be against you? True Parents have begged us to do this many of times over. I am coming under fire because I am obedience to True Parents words –absolute love; absolute faith and absolute obedience). My husband and I are running full speed ahead; we are not listening to the noise. We know all too well that our position given through the grace of our True Parents cannot be exchanged for any kings or queens in this fallen world; for 100 governors or 100 presidents. Women please know that this is your time of visitation; we are to help True Mother, the center of this universe build this Kingdom of heaven on earth. Please don’t tell me how I don’t love True Father, because nothing is further from the truth. I just know that True Father is the planter of seeds, and his base is in heaven. Whereas, True Mother is the builder, and her base is on this earth. We have the opportunity to become ancestors to our families and tribes. From the time of creation, God’s dream was to see His kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We are the ones He is trusting to fulfill that dream now. The Kingdom of Heaven is a world full of Blessed Central Families living in their Home Town. 7.6 billion People are waiting for us to bless them. Are we going to let God down again? God has prepared us for such a time as this. We are in the bottom of hell, and it is a good place to start building the substantial Kingdom of Heaven.2020 is not far away. Please don’t continue to walk by our sisters and brothers who are dying every day and not feel God’s suffering heart. Do you know that with blessings, comes responsibilities? How can we help you with you ?
I leave you with these True Kindness words: My mother said: if your job doesn’t wake you up to get there on time, you don’t need one. In nursing: I learned if we didn’t chart it, we didn’t do it. Records are not only for you, but helps the ones who comes after you. Rev. Jeddie said: If we are owners building the kingdom of heaven, we must be on the job site in order to bring others into the kingdom of heaven. Where are all of the owners? TribeNet is waiting for you to sign-up. True Parents said: In order to be engrafted onto the new root, we must cut everything belonging to the satanic world. Those who do not want to cut everything will die. So we hope to see you working among the 7.6 billion of wild olive trees as we work to restore them ALL to be the true olive trees they were meant to be.
Eternal love,
Elma and Jeddie King- District 5- Tribal Messiah Representatives for SR2- Kissimmee, Florida- 407-846-8256- Join-tribalmessiah.org — Take up your TribeNet and lets go fishing together!!
Written by heavenly elma

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