6000 biblical years ago, God started the human race with two people; Adam and Eve. The core part of the principle involves the teaching of Yang and YinYang, is the male Adam representing the heavens, and Eve the female Yin representing the earth. God’s original plan was for a balance to be made, and that is exactly how the Kingdom of heaven on earth, and the kingdom of heaven in heaven are to be realized.

    Before the coming of heaven –The Architect: He plans & designs

God created Adam and Eve in His own image and likeness. He needed the physical Adam and Eve to resemble Him in their physical bodies. God, the subject spiritual being Himself, is the united male and female characteristics living together in harmony as ONE. But God needed an object partner to whom He could relate to, so He created male and female. Male and female are a separate expression of the living God. When the two are united in Holy marriage; they are no longer two, but ONE; like God. We all know that Adam and Eve fell away from God. This was the day that the spirit and flesh divided. This fall took place in the womb of the mother Eve; an illicit sexual relationship. This sin is what defiled God’s lineage. Adam fell as well, and gave everything God had given him to Satan. All of humanity’s linage was poisoned with the lineage of the devil. It was as though we had been bitten by a poisoner snake. Number 21:9. This is why Jesus said that we; human beings were of their father the devil. God sent Jesus as a second Adam to restore what was lost with the first Adam Luke 19:10. Jesus restored the first Adam, but was unable to find His second Eve, the Only Begotten Daughter of God who had been claimed by Satan. Only after the resurrection did God send the Holy Spirit, so that Jesus and the Holy Spirit could give rebirth to spiritual children. For 2000 years, the spiritual Jesus has been working in the spirit world, and the spiritual Eve has been working on the earth giving rebirth to spiritual children. Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been our spiritual parents. The physical Eve in the flesh has been lost for 6000 years, but both physical and spiritual needs to unite.

Jesus could not bring the kingdom of heaven on earth, because He couldn’t not find His physical bride Eve, the Yin and start a family of God’s blood lineage on earth John 18:36. So the era before the coming of heaven continued with the yang era. This is why for 6000 years we have only been able to see the era of Yang. This is the era where men have taken the led most of the time; a male dominate world of yang.  Jesus met and anointed Rev. Sun Myung Moon who we now call True Father on an Easter Sunday morning to pass on the mission to bring the kingdom of heaven on earth. All that the father had given Jesus was passed to Rev. Moon. The third Adam inherited Jesus’ foundation. This allowed Him to start out from the position of the Messiah, and from there obtain the position of True Parents. Jesus, the second Adam was born without original sin, under God’s dominion, and returned to the original position prior to the fall of Adam.  They emerged with God as their root. Their lineage cannot be accused by Satan. This position was set up and transferred by Jesus who has been working hard for 2000 years, and has now returned. John 3:29. True Father knew heaven’s plans, and the only way the three blessing that God gave Adam and Eve could be realized was to find His Eve and start God’s Holy Family. So He set out on the long journey to find Eve. The work to restore Eve required three women in order to meet the internal condition, representing foundation, growth and completion stage. Adam had all kinds of bloody struggles, and innumerable conflicts that were intertwined throughout history. In order to find True Mother, you can’t image how great the price had to be paid, and how many sacrifices were necessary in order to set and maintain the standard necessary for True Mother to be found. It was as if passing a candle from one flame to the next. Countless people guarded the Holy Light to make sure that it didn’t go out; giving their utmost devotions right up to the last days. For True Mother to emerge there had to be preparations for three generations.  After all of these conditions were met, True Mother could appear before the Lord of the Second Advent to be joined in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. For the first time in history God’s only begotten Son and God’s only begotten daughter in the flesh came together in marriage. The marriage of the Lamb refers to the wedding of two beings in the flesh; a man and a woman in a position of Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Satan cannot do whatever he wants in the completion stage. Christianity is the bride’s religion, and is to receive the Messiah who comes as the Bridegroom. After many years the stage was set for the coming of heaven on earth, and Foundation Day was such a day. The Kingdom of Heaven has come, and now is the time to bring God’s family into this kingdom on earth. This is the era of YinNow True Father’s base is in heaven. It is time for the Yin era.

After the Kingdom of Heaven- is the Yin era-She’s the Builder

True Mother-Her base is on earth- Yang and Yin always work together.

The Holy Spirit refers to the Spiritual Mother; the YinHer work is on the earth, after the kingdom of Heaven comes. It was the women that first committed sin. The fall happen in the reproductive organs, so restoration has to take place there also. The Holy Spirit as a feminine spirit must come to the world as a women and cleanse that sin away. She must come on earth and labor in order to give rebirth to all mankind. So she comes in a Subject position. In fact, she can be saved herself by giving us rebirth. She stands as the restored Eve, the embodiment of the Holy Spirit, and represents all women on earth. The Arch-angle has to be given rebirth, but True Mother can’t do it alone. Because the center of the family is women the mother, women all over the world have to be True Mother’s second-self. They must join together and stir up their power like a hurricane. This will unite the Korean Peninsula.  The actions women take are more important than the position they hold.  Women must take the lead in this era.

For the first time in the history of 6000 years, the Holy Spirit walks the earth in spirit as well as flesh for the whole world to see. She is God’s ONLY BEGOTTEN DAUGHTER. This means she occupied the first love of God. God made Eve, modeling her after Adam. She was created based on the same principles and blueprint that He employed when creating Adam, so that she could be his partner.( Yang and Yin equal partners)

True Mother was appointed by God. The word Han in Hak Ja Han is the number one people of Heavenly lineagewho will fulfill God’s will, and make the world ONE. She is the beginning of all things, guiding humanity to the truth. She has the words of the Heavenly Eve- the world will be restored by listening to her words. True Father said: more than 70 years of his life, he built the foundation for the will. He bequeathed it all to True Mother for the sake of women. His desire is to liberate all women; they must be liberated. The foundation for unity is women; not men. The unity for heaven and earth starts with woman, and it is serious and important. If you cannot participate with him in this providential march, your descendants will accuse you, but you can’t say that you didn’t know. Written by Rev. Elma King- using TP’s words.

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  1. Thank you again for this beautiful piece.

    Over the past few months, Dr. Michael Hentrich and I have put together short videos about the Bible. You can find them on: biblereboot.com.

    Some of the presentations are on: Jesus and Which Resurrection? Jesus and Which Kingdom? Jesus Is God or Man? Scriptural Confusion via Preconception, Jesus Came to Die or Not? The misunderstood life of Jesus and Did God Create Evil? Best Wishes

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