My family,

When Jesus was on the cross, He told the thief on the right side of Him, today you shall be with me in Paradise. If you are able to hear, listen and give heed to what the spirit says to the churches. The Bible says, to those who overcomes I will grant to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Life which is in the Paradise of God. Where is this Paradise of God that Jesus went to? It was a place in the east; a place of oriental origin.  When the disciples asked Jesus where is  the place of His return-He said: where the bodies are the eagles will be gathered. Eternal life and eternal death will collide in that place called South and North Korea. This place is the front line between God and Satan. The Devils symbolized by the eagles, will gather in this land in search for the Spiritual Dead, while the returning Lord comes to this land in search of the people of ABUNDANT LIFE. In the fall of our first Ancestors you saw God’s side and Satan’s side parted from a single point. This point gave rise to life and death, good and evil, love and hate, happiness, and sorrow, fortune and misfortune. These divided realities consolidated separately into what is now known as Cain-type and Abel-type worlds which eventually matured to form the democratic world and the Communism world.

My family, today, we are in the very last days when the focus is so much on South and North Korea. The third world war is upon us right now. Whether this war is waged by force of arms or an Asian ideological conflictdepends upon the responsibility of the people who are serving the providence of God. You must know that this third world war must take place in order to have the people on God side overcome Jesus’ third temptation on the world level, and restore dominion over the creation. God’s side must win this third world war in order to restore human being’s dominion over the entire universe. God’s side must win in order to destroy the communist world, and return ALL SOVERIGNITY to GOD. It is only then, that the ideal world will be established based upon the principle of heaven and earth. The Kingdom of Heaven starts at the bottom of hell, and this is where we as Americans are right now. We are living in a very critical time in history when people who have been on God’s side for many years could suddenly find themselves on the side of Satan if they don’t have that faith that Jesus talked about on His return. Remember, my family that Jesus came like a thief in the night to the Priests and the Scribes that were followers of Moses. However, when Jesus came, they didn’t have faith in the one that God had sent, and they fell into darkness. God revealed the coming of Jesus to the family of John the Baptist. He told the secrets of Jesus’ birth to the wise men, Simon, Anna and the Shepherds. What happen to the Priest and Scribes that were well learned in the scriptures? My family, pray about this truth lest your heart be weighed down with the cares of life that this day comes upon you like a thief. What are our responsibilities right now to win this war? We have to hold the Marriage Supper of the Lamb in every church across America. Families, represents the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and Satan knows that; many of you may not know this. Please, stay woke and work  with us through this life or death era for God; He needs us desperately. Please don’t repeat this sorrowful history in Zechariah12:14. We as Pastors are judged by a higher standard with greater severity than others. Make that call to: Rev. Elma King 407-846-8256. Don’t be left out of history!! Christianity alone has over four hundred denominations. They have been fighting each other over many years. It’s time that we come together on the most important truth that unites us; we are one family in God, and that one God is the Heavenly Parents’ of all humanity, rather than the many things that divides us. This is the truth which your body, mind and heart all can agree on. I beg of you to take up this laborious path, and win this war for God at the time He needs us most. Because God is a God of the number three He will win this war, with or without us as painful as it will be for Him. God wants to build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth right now as Jesus prayed would come. It starts with the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and married couples in your churches.Christianity is a religion of the brides. We have to know this if we are followers of Jesus. So when you see all of the brides, please know that the Bridegroom has come! John 3 : 29.  If you don’t follow the one God has sent- True Parents, you will fall on the other side. The scripture: “ Depart from me I know you not” was written for times such as these.

Eternal love, Rev. Elma King July 5, 2017)

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