Jeddie and Elma King’s Tribal Messiahship Mission was blessed beyond words to have the opportunity to plant seeds of the Divine Principle in Haiti. We were invited by Evelyne Drake on her 5th project for the Haiti Youth Service.
Since Evelyne Drake family moved to the United States from Haiti, she often thought of how to aid her native country. Inspired by her pastor Rev. Moon, to bring world peace in the most difficult and suffering places, she and her husband formulated a vision to bring together university students from USA, to unite with students in Haiti, in serving the poor and suffering people of Haiti.

“In 2008, we initiated the Haiti Summer Service Project. With 16 volunteers from the U.S. and Several local Haitian supporters, we spent two weeks in Port-au-Prince and Cap Haitian, Haiti. We painted a primary school and distributed 5000 tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes and helped volunteer doctors.

In 2009, we could attract several volunteers from the University of South Florida, that traveled to Platon, Les Cayes, in southwest of Port-au-Prince. We planted 1000 moringa trees and provided a mobile medical clinic for the people.

In 2010, following the Haiti earthquake on Jan. 12, we focused our service project on healthcare and trauma education. In 2011, we continued with the health education seminars and the mobile clinics. This past year of 2012 our summer service project we added character education for the youth seminars, requested by several local principals and schools teachers. And a minister couple presented the vision for the restoration of disaster- torn Haitian families.

My vision for the Haiti Summer Service Project has always been to help the people of Haiti while providing a service-learning experience for the volunteers, in cooperation with such organizations as Women’s Federation for World Peace, International Relief Friendship Foundation, ALHMEDA (a group of volunteer medical doctors and nurses residing in Haiti) as well as the office of the Mayor in Cap Haitian, the second largest city of Haiti.”

And in 2012, this group of activists were joined by the Rev. Jeddie and Elma King to expand the vision even further: Hence, the name of this website, Haiti Family Restoration.

Family: God sent us to the earth to a school that is called our family. True Parent teaches us that when we learn to love each and every member of our family; we can love the WORLD that is made up of families.
Restoration: Looking around Haiti, you can see clearly the physical damages that the earthquake has left behind. But if we could help restore their spirits though the teachings of the Divine Principle that our True Parents have given us; then, repairing the physical damage could take half the time.
Haiti is a place that allows us to put the teachings of our True Parents into practice. Meeting the families there was like love at first sight. Their pain became our pain, and their joy became our joy. Without knowledge is the reason people perish. We want to share the knowledge of Divine Principle, and the value of the family with them. Our long range goals, with the right connections there; is to build a center.

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