The most important person on a team is the manager who watches over the entire team from the sidelines. The manager doesn’t run or score goals, but his power is greater than All the players put together. Similar to a manager that sees things that the players cannot see and gives signals, God sees things that we cannot see and gives us signs. If the player follows the manager’s signs well, they will almost always WIN. But if the manager sends signs, and the foolish players, either don’t understand them or ignores them and plays according to their own thinking, the team can only LOSE. See True

Father’s Autobiography (page 296).  On March 19, 2017, God sent me a sign when I was talking to Him about how we’ve been changing the blood lineage of many with the holy wine. Heaven and earth embraced me with pink dollies that flew off the column in a whirl-wind of God’s love all over my skirt.  May 28, 2017 I talked about the blood lineage again as the seed to bring the world into the full Blessing Ceremony with all five steps, and again Heaven and Earth embraced me with pink dollies all over my pants; this time even stronger than before.

This time even the pink Leis Necklace tried to pull itself from the wall.

This is the secondsign.

Chambumo Gyeong- page 378, Verse 16

This was the first sign: See: “ Plain Talk” on (blood Lineage)

We are the FISHERS of ALL Humanity. God is depending on us to bring the whole world into the full Blessing with all five steps, but the tool He has given us is the wine. I am a living example of how the wealth of the Sinner is laid up for the Righteous. Proverb 13:22.  Once people learn the value of the blessing that they have been given for FREE, they will want to return everything back to God. This is when they realize that everything they have is BORROWED from Heaven in the first place. Please know that the money is in the Fish’s mouth.

We will follow the SIGNS from Heaven, knowing that the fruits will come in due season.

Rev. Elma King reporting-6-2-17

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