Brothers and Sisters, True Mother said: you must hurry and becomes ten times, a hundred times busier starting from now. There are many people waiting for you. People cannot just know you; they must know True Parents, the Messiah. Tell them and testify that the True Parents are here on earth right now. We need to do that in order to guarantee a future for humanity. Keep in mind that we need to do that in order for one family under God, the Heavenly Parent’s dream, the wish of humanity, to come to fruition. Let’s make some noise in the Elder Son Nation. We need to wake up America now.

        If we True Parents’ children don’t do this, who will? God has told us that True Parents’ are the MESSIAH. When the Samaritan at the well found out about Jesus, the MESSIAH, she went and told many people. When Jesus came to those people, someone had already been there and told them about Him.  We call this making the way straight for Jesus. My family, we have the GREATIST BREAKING NEWS of all times: True Parents, the MESSIAH IS ON THE EARTH RIGHT NOW. We are to go out there and make the way straight for True Parents’. This is our responsibility as Blessed families. Find your way to holler.

        We have a chance to be the true John the Baptist for True Parents’. Let us holler, and holler; throwing up both hands!!! All the people we are hollering at will be our tribes. This is how we become rich in a place where it counts the most, In the spirit world! A lot we have to holler!!

Rev. Elma King 5-22-17

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