How did the Left end up on the Right? – Part two

Our one Family under God- In part one of this article, I talked about the word REVERSE. Why is this path necessary? In order to go over the fall realm of the first SON (ELDER SON), we must carry out the restoration through indemnity from the position of the younger son and reverse the position. (The word Indemnity means atonement for the sins of history). So because we were all born under the realm of Satan’s dominion, God had to work to reverse this position. Hidden within the Bible are the sagas and secrets of human history, and matters to be untangled; these must be resolved. Please know that the words I share with you came from True Parents’, the Messiah of all humankind. Divine Principle was written before the Bible that we read. So the Bible is stories telling you about the Divine Principle which was to come, and is now made plain. Now, let us look at how God had to work with the younger son starting with Cain and Able. God blessed the younger son Able but not Cain; God blessed the younger son Jacob, and hated Esau while they were still in their mother’s womb. Why do you see these kinds of stories over and over in the Bible? It’s because the older son represents Satan- all that is unaccepted by God must be subjected with love to Able who symbolizes all degree of GOODNESS. However, Able cannot come to God alone; he must bring Cain with him by winning him over with love. We saw this in the Bible for the first time with Jacob and Esau. After 21 years, Jacob returned to Esau, and offered everything he had to his older brother Esau; they united, and a condition for the spiritual victory over Satan was set, but Jacob was already about 14 years old; God needed this victory from birth. Now, let us look at Zerah and Perez; Tamar’s twins. Zerah stretched out his hands from the womb with a RED RIBBON to be born first, but he was pulled back by the younger son Perez, and they fought; Perez won him over and was born first; thus taking the POSITION OF THE ELDER SON in the womb. The REVERSAL OF THEIR POSITIONS IS WHAT SEPARATED THEM FROM SATAN. This victorious foundation on a national level could then be formed in the womb free of Satanic- accusation in order to prepare for the SON OF GOD TO BE BORN ON EARTH. On that foundation, the Holy Mother Mary emerged in the mainstream of God’s providence. Jesus Christ, God’s only Begotten Son could then be born with all of the power of the Elder Son to dominate the world with love, and bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. (John 16:36) Long story short; we rejected Jesus, and allowed for Satan, the god of this world to rule once more. (John14:30). So in the Last Days, which is now; what will you see take place before the Kingdom comes substantially on the earth which is “THE YEAR 2020”. You will see the COLOR RED AGAIN. The right wing is RED. But as I told you before, that the RIGHT- WING should be on the Left side that represents God’s greatest enemy; Satan. Satan wants to destroy God from the face of the earth, and remain the god of this world with its money and materials. This is why you see that the RED is trying to destroy everything that has been put in place by democracy. His job is to steal, kill and destroy. The RED will take us to the bottom of Hell in America, because America must pay Indemnity for sending the Messiah to Danbury Prison. God side will work with democracy; God loving side, but democracy MUST bring his brother, communism along with love. Satan knows this, and it’s time that we know this also; just fight with love. A REVERSAL will put the Redcommunism BACK on the Left and democracy BACK on the Right; their proper places. Both must unite.

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Rev. Elma   3/26/17-

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