How did the Left side end up on the Right  – Part three

Our one family under God, how did the political map turn mostly RED? Everyone is wondering, how could this happen? How could the RED-WING ignore all the stops signs; run through the red lights, break so many political rules; being called on the carpet on so many lies; and sexual immoralities , and still ends up looking like a winner.  These unprincipled acts became a victorious BASE for God’s providence of Restoration when Tamar committed unprincipled love with her father-in-law. Many people have perished for doing such a thing, but because she put her life on the line tocarry on God’s blood linage; she could go back to God.  It was her twins that set the foundation for Jesus to be born with God’s pure blood linage. The world as we know it is a false world, with false love, false life and false linage. It can’t continue to stand. The RIGHT- Wing will tear down everything it can, that has been put in place by the Left-wing, because his aim is to take America to the bottom of HELL. His job is to seek, kill, and destroy as he tries to build his EXTERNAL WORLD of money, power, and material things. Satan’s  Strategy, is to Rob by force but treacherous leaders perish after they gain power that was taken by force. God’s Strategy is to succeed by being beating, and endure the path of hardship, then, claim compensation for damages. Just like zerah, THE Elder Brothercame first and was pulled back in by perez the younger brother before the Lord came; in the last days, RED, the ELDER Brother will show up again.  The fighting will continue between the two the way Zerah and Perez fought in the womb.  True Parents will work with democracy to bring calm to a world gone mad, because it’s closer to GOD. Both, the democratic and communism world are caught up in the same dilemma; they can’t transcend the barrier of nation, culture, or race. They are stuck at their levels. In part two I told you that Communism the RED PARTY should return to its proper place on the Left; a position that denied God, and Democracy, should return to its proper place; the position on the Right that believes in God. This is the way they were planted before Satan stole the Elder Son’s position on the Right. In order to go over the FALLEN REALM of the first son, we must carry out the restoration through INDEMNITY from the second son, andREVERSE THE POSITIONS. Standing before God’s representatives: True Parents’; the Truth must be told. The reason Cain and Able have been fighting over the six thousands year history, is because they lost their True Parents’ and became like orphans. They connected to False Parents.  But now standing in the REVERSAL and proper positions, they must unite with love. When the right wring is resurrected, the Left –Wing will emerge at the same time. True Parents comes to UNIFY these two worlds, Internal- the mind, and external- the body); and the fighting will stop. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth will be established. This is the time of “HARVEST” on a GLOBAL LEVEL OF EVERYTHING THAT WAS PLANTED. Both Communism and Democracy worlds must DIE.  For God to make a new start, everything must be cleaned up. God must be the ABSOLUTE and ONLY SUBJECT, no Satan. The family Federation of World Peace and Unification belongs to a Universal Nation, AND OUR FAMILIES ARE MULTI-COLORED. America is that Elder Son’s Nation. American’s colors have been mixed by God Himself to represent the window of the world. True Parents will emerge as a YOUNGER BROTHER with a worldwide Foundation to start a New Heaven and a New Earth. After over 40 years of loving, the and giving to the stolen right-wing position, they now have the power of the ELDER SON to rule the world, centered on  GOD’s True Love . They come with God’s pure blood linage to engraft the world back to Him. The blessing is our SALVATION. Please come in before 2020!

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Missed  Part One? – Rev. Elma King -407-846-8256-3/29/17


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