How did the LEFT end up on the RIGHT? Final Chapter

Our one Family under God: If you have been following these articles from part one through part three, you would have  read that Satan stole the Elder Son’s Position from the first Adam, and How God has worked very hard throughout the Bible to REVERSE this position back to Adam. Whydid God need to Reverse this position, and give it back to Adam? Remember that GOD gave Adam everything. Adam had God’s DNA. This DNA was the one thing that connected ADAM to God. It would connect ALL of the children coming from the seeds of Adam, our first ancestor to God. God’s DNA was the bridge allowing His Spirit as the Parents’ of all humanity to be carried on through subsequent generations. All of ADAM AND EVE’s children would have been God’s children; creating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. So Adam was given the power to dominate the world with God’s True Love. You must get this. Not only God knew this, but Lucifer also knew this. Lucifer went directly to the place where he could Steal Everything God had worked so hard to give His children IN ONE NIGHT. The fall of man took place through Adam and Eve’s sexual organs. Satan would like for you to think that it was an apple or something they ate, but he is the father of lies. Your DNA is what is carried on from one generation to another. Once they engaged in thismisuse of LOVE, they contaminated God’s pure DNA, and connected toanother FATHER; THE DEVIL. This is why Jesus said that we are of our FATHER THE DEVIL. God’s DNA fell into the hands of the adulterer Satan, the Enemy of God.  Satan had all the POWER OF THE ELDER SON TO DOMINATE THE WORLD WITH EVIL. Satan’s DNA infested the earth, creating the Kingdom of HELL ON EARTH. God has been working to regain this power back from Satan through the younger sons bysegregating Satan with LOVE, and the BLESSING. We must love the enemy. Even though they caused God lots of pain, He gave up Jesus for a world of enemies; born with Satan’s DNA. I WOULD LOVE TO GIVE YOU A WORKSHOP LECTURE, but I can’t here.

You must know that for the first time in history, the True Parents’ that God has been working to bring to the earth are here. All traces of the FALSE PARENTS’ WILL BE COMPLETELY REMOVED. True Parents’ now have the power and authority of the ELDER SON, and they will rule this world with God’s True Love. In the last days, God will separate the sheep from the goats. Sheep will recognize God, but Goats will not, they say that there is NO GOD. At the time of these conflicting IDOLOGICAL WORLDS;we will know that we have come to the end of the OLD World. When you see this sign, go into a dark room and pray. Do not believe just anybody. Do not believe True Parents’; do not believe your church or Elders; do not believe the famous Evangelists. Why? Because heaven is so near, and you can be lifted up in the spirit so high; that you can speak to God Himself. You can receive an answer directly form Him if you are earnest enough. Because you have to apply and registered for the Citizenship into the Kingdom of Heaven, God wants you to know the TRUTH. You have to know when the Lord come, and how will he arrive. The Kingdom of heaven will not come with SIGNS TO BE OBSERVED, BECAUSE IT IS IN THE MIDST OF YOU. The only way you will miss the LORD, is that you are looking in one direction, and He comes in another direction; like the time when Jesus was here on earth, and the people were looking up to the sky for Elijah. Oh what SORROWFUL HEARTS they missed Jesus! Zechariah 12: 14. The Blessing that True Parents’ brings to the dying world is God’s DNA. It connects the whole world back into God’s blood lineage to create the Kingdom of heaven on earth.

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