Today is March 19, 2017. Rev. King was scheduled to speak, but we always have testimonies before the message. I testified today on how I was feeling about reaching our goal as Tribal Messiahs. I poured my heart out to our Heavenly Parents’. Remembering what has caused God the greatest pain. We have spent a fortune on trying to relieve God’s pain. We have invested our money heavily in changing the blood lineage from Satan’s to God’s blood lineage. I told God of the eight years of Roadside blessing in Alabama, and one in Tampa, FL; about the many homes we visited; the church blessing in Alabama and a blessing at my mom’s home. I told Him of the Blessing we did in Haiti twice, in Orlando twice; Kissimmee three times, and Tampa, FL. I talked about the door to door; the workshops; prayer breakfast blessings, and on and on.. We have blessed over 2, 556 people that we can count, but we know it is much more. We have 580 couples that we can count; knowing to
that it is many more that we have given the Holy wine to. What are we to do with the thousands of peoples in our binder that we have blessed, and pray for everyday?  Now we hear that we should have a big number at one time, and they all must pay two thousand dollars.  My heart is heavy today, because we have emptied ourselves in increasing God’s blood linage on the earth. After my testimony, my husband said: how did you get all of these pink things on you? I looked around and they were all over my skirt.  It was seven of them.

These pink things are called dollies. I was puzzled as to how something like that could happen. I pulled them off of my skirt, and placed them back on the small square column behind me, and I put a Hawaiian Leis necklace back on top of them. Then I started walking away, and my husband said wow did you see that!! Several of them jumped from under the Leis necklace and back on to my skirt again!! The energy was sooo high around me. I couldn’t help but to give God the glory. We then, had a holiness moment of shouting out, and thanking God! I  JUST had to stop and wonder; what is it that God is saying here. Well, He said that we could set up a street Fair and give the Holy Wine to people as they come and go, if they accept the Holy Wine, heaven and earth will return to our side. Wow!!  The pink dollies wrapped all around me, was like heaven and earth embracing me with love.  Now, I was on cloud nine!!  We pray to reach the PHYSICAL BAR of 430 couples who have paid $2,000.00 dollars each and done all of the five steps; but spiritually, we are already sailing with our father and Mother!! We will continue our daily lifestyle of witnessing, and giving the Holy Wine to anyone who will accept it, as True Father told us to do. We know a thing or two, because we have seen a thing or two from our True Parents’. Our dream is to bring 430 couples into a ceremony, and reach the physical BAR that’s been set; because we know until we fulfill our mission as a Tribal Messiah; we cannot even die. However, we already have a sea of people that we have brought over to God’s blood lineage, and they continue to grow. When the Holy Spirit recognizes them, and I know she will; they will know that they too, have their own responsibilities to build God’s Kingdom. The Holy Spirit in me recognized a total stranger in a church once. A blood curling scream came from within me that woke up many in that church! When we had our next prayer breakfast, many people came there for the first time. They were touched by the spirit. Later I found out that this stranger had been blessed with God’s blood lineage. God is serious about His blood lineage; Onan, the son of Judah, knows this now; he was sent to the spiritual world for wasting it. Tamar risked her life to preserve it for God. God has worked 6000 years to create the lineage that Our True Parents brings to the whole world. We need to take it serious as well. See  and  Take a close look at the photos; people are drinking the Holy Wine. For 9 years this is what the roadside blessings have been about. “ Helping True Mother in Building the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, with God’s True Blood Lineage”.


Rev. King and I know that LINEAGE is more important than LIFE, and more precious than LOVE. Only when you are linked to God’s LINEAGE is it possible to establish a PEACEFUL IDEAL WORLD. True Father told Rev. King in a dream when Rev. King asked what else should we be doing; True Father said : Keep doing what you are doing. There are 12 gates to the Kingdom of heaven. We all need to find our gate and work it. True Parents’ visits at our Home Church almost every day, but this visit has lifted us up so high, that we feel the need to share our story with others.

The Kings /souck tribal Messiahship Kissimmee, FL – Reported: by Rev. Elma King

( A  Farmer’s  Daughter). The word said: I will pour out my spirit upon ALL FLESH!!

Rev, Chidester said that I should spread this over the nation.

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