Freedom is one of the most precious gifts from God. All humanity is created to be free, but also, to be responsible for how we use the freedom that God has given us. To us this freedom properly requires self-discipline and self- control, based on a fundamental understanding of Right and Wrong- for this, God has given us all a conscience which is our guide, and our compass, so we are without excuses.

America is a nation that represents the world so we are leaders thatmany nations looks to follow, but if-  we disconnect from the world of information, we can no longer be looked on as leaders; information is just that important  “ The Media”  has  a  crucial role in determining  if there will be peace or  war in the world. Its power is becoming even greater than military power with all of its nuclear weapons. When the Media sparks a discussion based on noble and virtuous values, it becomes a standard for world peace.  The media should not side with any single DENOMINATION, but should become the voices of reason that distinguish clearly between the TRUTH AND FALSEHOOD. A moral media uses its freedom to protect, preserve and promote God given human rights and dignity. The preservation of human rights and human dignity must be the standard of all ethics and morality. So it must stand at the forefront in the defense of human dignity. The Media should scold those who make money by unethical means. They should shed tears for justice and be relentless inexposing injustice. We need to promote responsible use of the Media as a forum of self-examination. When the Media deceives people with irresponsible, misleading and incendiary information, it becomes a tool for the destruction of world peace, and violence and war will soon follow. If the media carries out hidden activities, they deceive the people and the nation,creating a foundation for global dictatorship. Our United States is more divided than ever. We have to remember that we fell in a LIE in the Garden, and we can move forward ONLY WITH THE TRUTH; there is no other way out.  This chaos that we see today is due to the LOST of our most valuable True Parents’.  We loss (God), our True Heavenly Parents in the fall of man and it is only when we can welcome them back into our hearts through The BLESSING will we again find His True Love, and Spirit so that the fighting will finally stop. Our American Family, we can’t save America, if we can’t set the media straight. America is not a red and blue America, or a black and white America. America is a multi-color America. It is ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD. All the beautiful colorful garden of people from all over the world with different races, cultures, and religions are found right here in America living together. God has worked for many years to create this “MASTERPIECE” and it’s beautiful in His sight. Let us wake up and take another look at America.

We are the model that the whole world will follow, but we all have to fight with the TRUTH to keep this Masterpiece in place. America belongs to God, and the people who love it the most. True Parents ’ are the Messiah that unites us. Please ask God, and follow what He tells you. Come with your whole family to the blessing. 2020 is so close.

Let us all work together, and follow the Light of True parents’ to bless all the people in America; DARKNESS CAN NOT STAND HERE. The Blessing is God’s Salvation for the world! –  3/7/17

Eternal love, The kings-407-846-8256– PLEASE CALL


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