How did the left end up on the right?

The Bible is filled with many hidden treasures, but these stories are couched in symbolisms and metaphors. This is God’s way of not revealing His new truth to the evil world. Jesus spoke in parables, and without a parable, He said nothing. However, Jesus said, when the time comes, I will tell you plainly of the Father. This is why a return of the Messiah is necessary.People can read the Bible and never understand; they can look and never see. Following the one God has sent is a must. Only that person can de-code the coded messages that are hidden in the many stories of the Bible. I want to share one story in the Bible that is very profound. You will see the left is in the Right’s place.

Goodness should have started first and continued, but evil interrupted it and started a fallen history based on a “LIE”. With a lie Satan, who had the power of the First Son Adam created a Kingdom of Hell on earth; based on false love, false life and false linage. This world we see is a false world. So history has to be REVERSED since it started with a false god; the father of lies. Many stories in the Bible are telling us about God’s hidden truth. We are watching one play out on the world’s stage right now, but if we don’t know the plain Truth that Jesus talked about, we will never understand what we’re seeing at this time.

So let me tell you about a story of Jesus ’crucifixion. At the time of Jesus ’crucifixion, there was a thief on the right and a thief on the left. The thief on the LEFT-SIDE said to Jesus “if you are the Son of God save us”, he denied Jesus. However the thief on the RIGHT-SIDE said “of course we should die because of our sin; but this person should not die because He has no sin”. So the thief on the RIGHT was the one who defended Jesus. Jesus told this RIGHT-SIDE thieftoday, you will be with me in Paradise”. From an internal position, Jesus and the thief on the right became ONE; this was Democracy; the internal mind. This right- side thief is the one who connected Jesus to the earth. (None of Jesus’ disciples stood up for Him). This thief on the RIGHT was the ONLY person in HISTORY to move to Jesus’ side; therefore he could receive the words. He recognized, defended and testified to heaven. You need to understand that this RIGHT-SIDED THIEF will be at the front to open the gates to the kingdom of heaven. Let us now look at the thief on theLEFT-SIDE; He blamed Jesus who carried the cross. “Aren’t you Christ? Then save yourself, and save us”. He denied Jesus. So what has appeared from the LEFT-SIDE THIEF is Communism WHO BLAMED AND DENIED GOD. THE LEFT-SIDED thief and Barabbas will becomeONE; this was Communism; the external body, and the color is RED.So the term right-wing or Left – wing did not just derive today. These seeds were planted at the time of Jesus. Jesus is the seed of Truth. Because He went to the cross, He will return from the cross.

Please pay attention: the reason why history has to be REVERSED is because it started in FALSEHOOD; A LIE. Satan, being the god of this world, after stealing the power of the first son from Adam; changed the positions. He stole the RIGHT-SIDE POSITION; (in the name of DEMOCRACY but, he kept the color RED). The color Red is dangerous; it is a warning color; and it’s the color of COMMUNISM. It is the left-side that looks more like God to us. This is confusing to many, because Satan has changed what was PLANETD. Evil cannot deny its REAL identity before God. Everyone should tell the TRUTH, AND REVEAL THEIR REAL IDENITY. Communist is RED and need to return back on the left, and Democracy is closer to God, and need to return to the RIGHT. I say to the Real Right-side; keep fighting, it’s not a time to be quiet. Soon the truth will be REVEALED.

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