True Parents’ Children: Rev. Elma and Rev. Jeddie King: 407-846-8256- CALL US!! This True Love; God’s seed- ONLY comes to the world through True Parents, who brings the blessing of Salvation to a dying world. We are now living in the 4 years of hope before the year 2020. The Bridegroom is lingering and waiting, hoping and expecting for you to come into this BLESSING. The Messiah is here (True Parents). Let us ALL FOLLOW THEM.


  1. Blessing America ( John 3: 29) He is Here!! “The Marriage Supper of the Lamb” America, please wake up!! The BLESSING IS OUR SALVATION!
  6. Telling Plainly of The Father
  7. Interfaith Community Centre
  8. Roadside Blessing
  9. Haiti Family Restoration
  10. Elma King

One who stubbornly insists on his own way can easily become a TRAITOR. If he thinks only of his own situations and ignores the whole, he can easily BETRAY others. If such a person is installed in LEADERSHIP, it is easy for such a person to become a DICTATOR, and leave a blot on human history. TRUE PARENTS are the only that can bring PEACE.

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