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The Heart of Heaven

The Roadside Blessing, and Rev. Samuel participating in God’s work of restoration

Our day started as a routine morning of Oct 13, 2009.My husband and I  was up early in the prayer room doing our daily hoondokhwe . This particular morning, we read True Father’s Sermon on “ The Heart of Heaven, in Relation to Elijah” It was dated March 15, 1959. Once we finished reading, we stood up and did our bows. It was at this time that my knees became weak, and warm tears started to fall down my face. I begin to cry out loud. My husband is use to me crying; in fact I had to replace my boxes of Kleenex with rolls of paper towels, because I cry so much every day. My crying didn’t bother my husband, because he is use to me crying every day, but what he didn’t know was that my knees were very weak. My crying became more and more intense, so I went into the bathroom, where I cried and cried, and cried uncontrollable tears.  When I thought the crying was over I would look in the mirror, and wash my face.  Then the crying would start all over again. I don’t know how long I stayed there crying, but when I did come to a place of composure, my eyes were red and puffy. When I finally came out, my husband asked me what was wrong. I said I don’t know, but something is wrong with our True Parents, and I am feeling sooo sad. This feeling stayed with me all day. I made a call to Rev. Wesley Samuel after I couldn’t shake this feeling. I thought if anyone knew what was going on, he would. I asked him if he had heard anything about True Parents.   I told him what had happened to me. I said that there is a sadness that’s so thick that you can

Rev. King and I dedicated three hours of prayer, fasting, singing, and remembering so many things we shared together with Rev. Wesley Samuel as he return home. I sang his song: “ Don’t Worry about me”. Our last song was Song of the Garden.

cut it with a knife. Right away, he said, I feel this sadness too. Rev. Samuel and I talked on the phone for a long time about our love for True Parents, and we wept.  Because I am a new kid on the block, so to speak, sometimes I felt that I wasn’t worthy of Rev. Samuel’s attention, but he is so humble. We supported each other in our sorrow. I finally said, we may never know what happen that has caused us such grief, but we both feel it, and we both know that it is real. We had received a royal summon from God. The only thing we could do was to pray for True Parents. I received an e-mail dated November 8, 2009, but was sent out November 13, 2009. It stated that True Parents heart had been broken. I knew right away that this was the pain that Rev. Samuel and I had experienced on October 13, 2009.  (  I researched the date). I called and read the letter to Rev. Samuel. We felt we were the only ones who felt the painful heart of True Parents. We learned that day that we had a heavenly connection to the heart of our Heavenly Parents and True Parents. We call this mind and body unity, spiritual maturity, one with God’s heart, a Divine Son and daughter; we call this perfection. It is not something that can be learned through words, or schooling, but through our life experiences. Our Tribal Messiahship is the key to building heaven on earth. It helps us become the place where God can dwell. We had the ability to feel things before it actuaimage006lly happened.  We saw it before we saw it. Other words, our hearts eyes saw it before our physical eyes read about it. The spirit can ONLY reach this level ONLY while we are in the soil of our physical body, not in the spirit world.

I testify to my beloved brother Rev. Wesley Samuel. He was on the level of perfection, and he can never Fall.  Today is the 40th day since he was taken away from US. We miss him more than words can say. We use this 7th international condition to send him off in a Whirlwind of Glory to  “ Our True  Parents” .  God told Rev. Jeddie King and I to go tell this perfection message on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere. So may the spirit of Elijah rest with ALL OF US, as those who can cry and feel the sorrows together with heaven. 

Eternal love,

Rev. Elma King (Minister Kim to Rev. Samuel)

November 1, 2016


Rev. King and Minister Kim are sending Love shouts out to you today- Rev. Samuelimage007

Kings/ Soucks New Tribal Messiahship- Kissimmee/ Palm Bay , Florida

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