Women of the world, I have come to you today to bring you an important message from God: (using many of our True Parents words).  (Quote – The United States is a country blessed by God. The Pilgrim Fathers risked their lives for the sake of the freedom of religion. They left behind their families and homelands, carrying with them a strong belief in serving the will of God in every aspect of their lives. America was born as a country advocating freedom of faith. America is unique because of the level of importance it attaches to God. This is how the USA came to occupy a position as a mainly Christian country with worldwide influence.  However, today the picture is different. Prayer is banned from public schools. Now, shocking acts of violence in schools are shaking the foundation of our nation. The sanctity of the family is being destroyed. America has persisted along the way of moral decay.  Please know that America, which stands tall as a super power holds the same preeminent position Rome once held. The fall of Rome resulted from internal corruption more than from external invasions. Moral corruption caused Rome to lose heavenly fortune.  Human history has been centered on men.

Adam, the last to fall in the Garden of Eden has been the first man that God used to lead the restoration of the world. But looking at the world today, we see signs of decay and confusion all around us. If humanity had matured according to God’s will and inherited God’s absolute, unchanging love, then our history would not have been a history of war, bloodshed, and misery. Instead, it would have been a history of harmony and peace. We need look no further than our own communities to find babies born addicted to drugs, children scarred by physical and sexual abuse, young dreams destroyed by unwanted pregnancy and neighborhoods under siege by random violence.  Unquote-We must know that all of the things that we are seeing today on a Worldwide  scale, are seeds that were planted in the Garden thousands of years ago, and have now come to harvest. This is what HELL looks like, and feels like.  The earth is “groaning in travail” while waiting for the world to be engrafted to the Messiah, the True Parents. God is calling us now!

Because the fall happened first by Eve, it should also be restored by Eve. (The first shall be last). Eve should start in a True Mother’s position. True Mother is Eve. Now you can understand why God sent the Messiah, True Parents (the Savior of the world) not as a man, but as a man and woman. In the beginning, God started with man and a woman in order for them to have give and take with each other. The last days are a time of hope, not fear as there is a man and woman working together to subjugate Satan, until there is no signs of evil left.   Quote-God is the parent of humankind. He does not tell His children that they should go to Hell, but does everything He can, so that not even one is lost.  This is a time when the Heavenly Parents and child who have been long-separated shall meet again. It’s time for the fighting to end.  Women must take a leading role in politics, economics, culture, and every area of society in order to realize world peace. Today is a time calling for peace, reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. It is an age in which the present problems cannot be solved by the masculine logic of power. There is no longer a need for ideologies which oppress humanity. This is an age when the present problems must be solved by the feminine logic of love, and the direction of history must be straightened out.  My sisters in Christ we must awaken America once again! This is a time for America, as the elder son nation attending God to lead the way for the healing of the world. We don’t like wars! Please let us unite, and be the peace makers that God created us to be.

In the era of women which has arrived, we must spread to the whole world, a model movement of the realization of true love in which we embrace our husbands, and raise our children properly. By doing so, we should gain the active support of our husbands and children, and develop a family federation for world peace. Women, we have to know that God has been shedding tears for us more than for men Of course, they are both His sons and daughters, but the daughters have suffered more and Father’s heart is more in pain for them. Unquote- Many times we have slept with the enemy that spoke vows of love in marriage. Look around, the churches are filled with women. Quote- Please know that this not by chance, but this is God’s decree. He has been raising us up for this very time. Let us be women who can have a life or death resolution to stand in the front line of the providence to restore our families back to God. Because we were disobedient to God in the fall, we have to remain ABSOLUTE obedient to Him in restoration. America has not fulfilled its mission to God yet. The Bible reveals that when someone fails their mission, Heavenly Father does NOT use that person or nation again.  So let us join with the leadership of our True Mother the Messiah and Eve for all humanity, with the Women Federation for World Peace to create ideal families through true love. God has worked a thousand years to prepare America the window of the world, if He leaves America, where would He go? If we attend God properly, all of our family problems, our youth problems, our racial problems, and moral problems will disappear.  Together sisters, we can make America a place where people of all races and nations can live together in harmony exemplifying the model for the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.  Unquote -God has blessed America with power, but the real power in America has yet to be tapped into; it’s the true love of women.  American women God is counting on us, so don’t let Him down again. Let us bring our families into the marriage that unites the world as ONE FAMILY UNDER GOD, “The BLESSING”!!!

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L-ma King ( True Parents daughter).

Using True  Parents words to reach you.

May 19, 2013

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