If we are spiritually attuned we will find out that God is speaking to us more often than we know. We need to have a relationship with Him in order to recognize His voice. Mary Magdalene didn’t recognized Jesus after His resurrection until He called her name: Mary! Then she knew that it was Him. John 20:16.

On March 31, 2013 I accompanied my husband Rev. Jeddie  King to the Georgia’s   Family Church in Atlanta , Ga. for a District Council meeting. We attended service there before the meeting was scheduled to start. I found myself wondering about the beautiful couple, Revs .Dr. James and Loretta Anderson that God had connected us to on the phone August 16, 2011. We had talked on the phone every week on A Hot Line Conference Call shortly after that date, but we never met each other. The last I heard, they were visiting Georgia, but I didn’t know if they would come to the service or not.

When service was over, I started shaking hands of many brothers and sisters that we didn’t know. One couple came to shake my hand and said: Minister King!! Right away my heart was jumping for joy because I recognized the voice of Rev. Loretta Anderson right away. We had established a relationship.

When the District Council meeting convened, I went into the dining room to share with my family the wonderful things we were doing in Haiti. As I told them about the Center we wanted to build, a voice from the crowd called out, Minister King, Minister King!! We had never met each other face to face, but he too recognized my voice in a crowd of people. We had built a relationship on the phone. He rushed over to give me money for the TP OF TF Center in Haiti. As Pastor Cliff Gaines, the Pastor at this church realized that Rev. Oladipo Abayomi was making a donation to the Center He too, was inspired to give.  God also has a main line. We can learn to recognize His voice when we establish a relationship with Him. Many of the blessings He wants to give us are there if only we learn to recognize His  voice .

By Rev. Elma King- April 25,2013

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