On May 30, 2005 my niece, Angela Stanton called to tell me that they were taking mom to the hospital. It sounded very serious, so I took it to God in prayer. My mom walked into the  emergency  room in Monroeville, Al. with the vital signs of a  person on her way to the spirit world. The Doctor asked her “who brought you here to the hospital”? When my mom started to tell the Doctor what family member drove her there the Dr. interrupted and said, no; I want to know who brought you here into the  emergency  room? I walked in myself my mom replied. My mom’s vital signs were so low that the Doctor must have said to himself, “dead woman walking”. Mom’s heart rate was 23. The Doctor later told her that if she had fallen asleep, she wouldn’t have a-waken. Mom was admitted to the critical care unit, and was later diagnosed with third degree heart block. I spoke to the nurse that was caring for mom, and asked that she make arrangements for mom’s transfer to Mobile, AL. where they specialized in cardiac care. I knew that mom would need a pacemaker. The nurse said that I would need the approval of other family members. I called my niece Aretha, my sister Gloria and my brother Jimmy. I told them what my plans were. Of the two hospital names that I had been given, Jimmy said that the Providence was the better one. He didn’t think that I should transfer mom. I reminded him that his business was Stanton’s Collision, and my profession was cardiac nursing. Other words, I wasn’t trying to tell him about cars, so trust me I said, to know more about the heart than you. We agreed to transfer mom to Mobile, AL. I called up some prayers warriors: Rev. Jeddie King, my new husband and my sister Selena Lambert. I told them the situation about mom, and I asked them to stand with me in prayer. We poured out our hearts to God in tears that night. I think that we covered mom during her entire trip to Mobile, AL. I reflected on all the years that I had been away from home, and when I did move closer to home; my job kept me from being home on holidays with mom and the family. I recently retired, and this was my chance now to spend more time with mom. I couldn’t accept what my physical ears heard. During the trip from Monroeville, to Mobile, AL. My mom had a near death experience. She said the last thing that she heard when she got into the ambulance was “y’all coming” and a voice that sounded like her daughter Mary. Mary said that “we’ll be right on”. As the ambulance speeded on its way to the Providence Hospital, my mom said that she saw herself floating in a big pond filled with black water. Her body was floating back and forth. Lord, she said; if my time is here please let me go in peace. “I am willing to give everything to follow you” she said. Then she heard a voice that said “LOOK UP AND LIVE”. This is when she opened her eyes to the most brilliant light that she had ever seen. In that beautiful light, she saw “TWO HEADS”. Mom asked the two heads that was in this beautiful light to come and go with her to the hospital. She then prayed to God to take over and guild the Doctors that would be taking care of her, so that they wouldn’t do ANYTHING WRONG. Mom was putting God first in all of her circumstances that she was facing. Mom said she believed that the “TWO HEADS” went with her to the hospital. She made a safe trip there  where she was taken care of, and prepared to receive a pacemaker the next day. I called my sister Janie Stewart to let her know what had happen, and that mom was in the hospital in mobile. I had been up all night praying. I tried to lie down to get some rest before I headed for a four and a half hour trip from my home in Birmingham, AL. to Mobile, AL. Needless to say, I couldn’t sleep. All of the family were there on my arrival. I went in to see mom, and told her that when she didn’t see me, please know that we were holding her up in prayer to make sure her trip there was safe. Once the pacemaker was inserted, the Doctors discovered that mom had another problem with her thyroid glands. After several tests, the Doctors wanted to do surgery on her glands during her hospital stay; nothing they tried to do worked out. Mom said it was because God  wouldn’t  let them do ANYTHING WRONG. I stayed with mom in the hospital every night during the week that she was in the hospital. My sister Janie Stewart came up every day from Mississippi, and we were there all day. We were there waiting in line each time the doors were open for visiting. As I prepared to leave that week-end, my other sister Gloria McCorvey came down from Greenboro, Alabama. to stay over at the hospital with mom. Mom was there for ten days.  She was discharged on thyroid medication, and went to Mississippi where she stayed a week to recuperate with my sister Janie Stewart. My sister Janie who is also a nurse took care of mom in her home.

June 15, 2006 mom was back in her own home, and sleeping in her own bed. On July 5, 2006, mom made another trip to Mobile, AL. for a check –up on her thyroids. Her Doctor told her that there were no changes, and that she needed to continue to take the medication for her thyroids. A nurse from the Doctor’s office called the next day July 6, 2006, and told mom that she didn’t need to take any more thyroid medication because her tests were all normal. God sees  things in its fulfillment . He saw this very day more than one year ago. Mom walked by faith, and not by the situation she saw before her. God wouldn’t let the Doctors “DO ANYTHING WRONG”. She can now look back and see the beautiful pattern her footsteps can make when she put God first in her life. Mom started to share her testimony of her near death experience with anybody who would listen. She searched to find out if anyone she knew ever had an experience where they had seen “ TWO  HEADS”  a  big head and a little head, but no one ever had. She asked me and I told her I didn’t know. Someone told her maybe it was God and Jesus’ head. She kept asking the questions over, and over. I said one day to her maybe it was Little baby’s and big baby’s head. (an inside family thing). This truly was a question that only she could answer. The Holy Spirit told my mom one day to open up an envelope that I had sent her. In the envelope I had sent my mother a picture of  TRUE PARENTS and THE PEACE MESSAGES OF TRUE PARENTS..  When she open up the envelope, and pulled out the picture of  TRUE PARENTS, SHE SAID: THE HEADS JUST LIT UP WITH THE SAME BEAUTIFUL LIGHT THAT SHE HAD SEEN THAT NIGHT IN THE AMBULANCE. She called me on the phone to share her story with me. She said “ THESE ARE THE TWO HEADS”!!!  The Big head and the little head!!  TRUE PARENT’S HEADS! I was so happy that she had finally found the answer to her question. July 28,2006 was a Great Day.  I blessed my mother and most of my family members with the HOLY WINE and prayed for them .God later gave mother a song for that miracle night in her life. March 27, 2008. My husband and I are back to Alabama for my mom’s birthday celebration. We blessed so many more family members as well as friends my mother had made a list of that wanted the Holy wine Blessing. Mom was reading the Peace Messages to her friends on the phone.  The house was filled with family and friends as my mom sang the new song God gave her. It was long, but she remembered every word. She left out True Parents in her song. I knew why she did it. It was because  of fear of persecution from some family members. I told her that if she was ashamed of True Parents  before the family, they would be ashamed of her before the Heavenly  Father.  March 27, 2010 mom couldn’t remember her song. March 27, 2011, mom couldn’t sing her song. May 31, 2011 mom’s house caught on fire. Everything was destroyed. But because of TRUE PARENT’S TEACHINGS, I KNOW THE VALUE OF FAMILY, AND HOW MUCH WE NEED TO RECORD CERTAIN EVENTS FOR HISTORY. I had my mother call me on September 24, 2008, and I recorded her beautiful song plus another one she had written. I also wrote down her story. This birthday March 27,2012 she will be 92 years old. I will present a gift:  Her song on a CD with background music by Mr. Noel  Blair, my keyboard player. However, when they hear her sings about the “TWO HEADS” this time, these heads will be identified with my voice saying “THE TWO HEADS WERE TRUE PARENTS”. This song is now completed. I will share her music with the family and friends as well as her beautiful testimony.

Many thanks to TRUE PARENTS for helping me make a different.

Written: by Elma King, For Elnora Stanton, my mom. February 4, 2012


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